White Butterfly – Meaning and Symbolism

Flying around the world for millions of years, the butterfly got a deep sense in almost all major civilizations, religions and spiritual traditions. His ancient representations are linked to basic life concepts, such as life and death, love and happiness.

In cultures around the world, people watched the butterfly as a symbol of the soul, immortality, endurance, change, hope. Also, he was a symbol of celebrations, weddings, life and travel and signified inspiration, creativity, beauty, grace and joy.

From the time of the Paleolithic butterfly, it is considered one of the symbols of the Great Goddess (Magna Mater). This supreme divinity was the image of heaven and earth, life and death. So there were beliefs that witches could turn into a butterfly.

Many cultures associate butterflies with human souls. The butterflies reflected the belief of the ancient Egyptians in the immortality of the human soul and were probably one of the pleasures that awaited the dead in the last life. The ancient Greeks considered the butterfly a symbol of the immortality of the soul. Eros’ mistress The Psyches, whose name means the soul, is represented in the form of a girl with wings of a butterfly. The Greek word psyche has two meanings, butterfly and soul.

In Christianity, a butterfly denotes life, death, and resurrection. He is often portrayed in the hands of the little Jesus Christ and symbolizes the rebirth and resurrection of the soul. In pictures depicting life in paradise, the butterflies’ wings have a soul that the Creator puts into the body of Adam.

Butterflies represent metamorphosis, complete transformation and ultimate freedom. Buttermilk is the only creature capable of completely changing its genetic structure during its dramatic transformation process. DNA tracks are completely different from DNA butterflies.

So, the butterfly represents a rebirth and a transition to a magnificent new life. With its fragility, the butterfly also represents the courage needed to make the changes necessary in the process of personal and spiritual growth.

Color White – Symbolism

It resembles light, goodness, innocence, purity, and virginity. It is considered to be the color of perfection. White means safety and cleanliness. In contrast to black, white has a positive connotation. White can be a successful start. On flags and coats of arms emphasizes faith and cleanliness.

In advertising, white is associated with cold and glittering snow. It can be used to highlight simplicity in high-tech products. Suitable for charity organizations; Angels are usually imagined in white clothes.

White also resembles hospitals, doctors, sterility, so you can use it to highlight safety in the advertising of medical products. In addition, it is used for low-calorie products, non-fat and dairy products.

For the space, cleanliness, harmony, peace and visual relief of the interior, use white in large quantities. White on furniture, walls, details, carpets, decoration and everything you plan to bring into the home will make it unreal.

When a white color prevails in a room, whether it is intended for rest, sleeping, dining, and even the corridor or the bathroom, this ambience seems to be larger, lighter and less loaded with furniture. This quantity of white, just gives fantastic visual effects that no other color can achieve.

All those who like open and illuminated rooms that do not like a cramped interior with furniture, nor a colorful, will be delighted with a combination of several shades of white, pure, blurred, beige, completely bright colors of sand, blue, pink, or pale wood. And in some detail in bright colors, in such an environment, such as room plants, framed pictures or wall paintings, decorative pillows, or souvenirs on shelves, will complete the idea of ​​whiteness in the apartment.

It is desirable that details of these colors appear in such interior, although they should be discrete, gentle and small. The brightness of various lamps, floor, wall, table and the like can also give a special effect and highlight some completely new shades of white. For such combinations it is important to point out that complete whiteness can be achieved only with the appropriate floor color in the apartment, that is, under the beige or pure white or covered with a white carpet that completely covers it, or that the color of the wood for the floor covering is completely faded.

The influence of white color on the mood

No other color can be comfortable as white when it is encased in a large volume. When a blue, red, green, or some dark gray color prevails in the room, then this space is burdensome, causing a strong reaction in the people who stay in it, so it is long lasting In such a space, it is almost unpleasant. White color in this role relieves, makes it easier because it is essentially a light, and as such it is good for everyone and improves the general mood.

The White + is a real winter color, the color of snow and purity. Although it is demanding for maintenance, it is often chosen as a basic color that will prevail in the interior, regardless of whether it is residential or public, whether it’s a bedroom, a kitchen or a living room. The effects of white on the interior are white by definition, a combination of all colors of the solar spectrum and it is not color. That’s why it is the lightest, visually easiest and most suitable for large areas. When it prevails in a residential interior it will never be as difficult as any other color in that situation. It will never be “foggy”; on the contrary, it will make the room light, shiny and fluttering. As a snowy home, the white home is perfectly suited to the winter ambience. If you do not have the ability to completely transform your living room, or some other room, into a lot of white details.

These can be bed covers and armchairs, white pillows, candlesticks, bowls, white floor mats, curtains, lamps. To emphasize the winter in your home, you can bring in a multitude of white, New Year’s ornaments. These can be paper snowflakes on the windows, sparkling glasses in the spray, white New Year’s Christmas tree, gifts packed in white paper with large fingers, white flickering lights.

As a symbol of the soul, representations of the butterfly can be found in ancient Egypt. The insect can also be found in ancient times: here the butterfly was both a symbol of the human soul as well as of flightiness and lightness. Elves used to be often depicted with butterfly wings, but so too was the god of sleep. If we want to analyze the symbolism of these representations exactly, we must distinguish between the day and night butterflies. While the ancient Greeks symbolized the soul as a moth, in the later Hellenistic period the butterfly takes this place. A third consideration is the metamorphoses of caterpillar, doll to butterfly.

As already mentioned in the introduction, in ancient Greek times the moth is the symbol of the soul, which in sleep (dream), in trance or after the death of a person separates itself from the body and reaches spiritual spheres. In this function, the moth is very close to the archetype of the soul bird, or may be in the same. It is the idea that the soul separated from the body in this winged form leaves the body of man. The wind breeze or moth is the literal sense of the ancient Greek word Psyche, which corresponds to our soul.

Since one imagines the realm of the dead on the flat earth, as a counterpart to the part illuminated by the sun, that is, to the nature of the night, it is understandable that the moth then represents the soul being. In addition, the nature of these night insects seems quite mystical anyway and they belong to a world without light.

Another insect, which in symbolism comes close to the moth, is the bee. It used to be adopted in our Occidental culture as a mysterious mediator between the human and spirit worlds. In contrast to other insects such as the dragonfly or the stag beetle, which often represent a symbol of evil, the butterfly is a symbol of the good and beautiful:

When people seek images from nature to express their thoughts, it is no wonder that the butterfly, this graceful fluttering and beautiful insect, has been included in this symbolic circle of symbols and is still becoming in the arts. As a tattoo, butterflies and butterflies are an extremely popular motif. Putting chain hand chain

First, they stand in the light of simple artistic interpretations of beauty and symmetry. Symmetry stands for divine perfection and harmony of two balancing opposites. Perfect divine, harmonious beauty is therefore the theme of the art motif. Of course, there are also the ancient symbolic meanings of the delicate wing system. If we go back to antiquity (Hellenistic culture), we find beings equipped with butterfly wings in the wake of the Greek Aphrodite (goddess of love, beauty and sensual desire).

For example, the psyche captured by Cupid’s love. It is usually depicted with butterfly wings. In the Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo periods, putti with corresponding wings are often found in painting and sculpture, in line with classical models and new romantic art motifs. At the significant Neo renaissance castle in Schönfeld (Saxony), the author found the illustrated pillbox with four cherubs, which were fitted with delicate butterfly wings.

From Norse mythology we know the elves (albums, elves), who continue to live in the fantasy worlds with the advent of the romantic age. Although they are not necessarily represented quite often with butterfly or other insect wings. These attributes symbolize the immaterial nature of these mythical creatures. Incidentally, the elves are also an issue in some gardens and there are also corresponding small sculptures as decorative elements.

Butterflies as a symbol on gravestones

Butterflies are quite common in our cemeteries as gravestone symbolic. He is there as a sign to understand the soul liberated from the matter, and thus as a Christian sign of the hope of resurrection.

The most beautiful symbolic representations, as they are to be found at the top of the post, probably come from the time of classicism, Biedermeier and the era of Romanticism. At that time much was expressed in the cemeteries with symbolic language.

Caterpillar – larvae – butterfly

Christianity adopted the butterfly as a symbol but also in all its stages of life. Sometimes even from the egg over the caterpillar – the pupae – to the winged insect. The caterpillar points to life in this type of imagery, the doll to death and the butterfly to the resurrection. In this sense, this transformation symbolism is again in the grave symbolism

Century, but the motif is also found as a graphic decoration element in books with religious content. Especially in mystically minded circles, caterpillars, dolls and butterflies were often taken up, pointing to the metamorphosis of the human mind and its transmutation of souls.

Dreaming of a Butterfly (White)

If in a dream you see a white butterfly, it symbolizes short-term happiness. It is possible that you will again be in touch with a person you have not overcome, but this time you will not be able to overcome the obstacles that have been dismantled before.

It will be difficult for you to be aware that the problem is not in the lack of love, but in the pride and stubbornness that are characteristic features of you and your partner.

The dream of a butterfly on the flower indicates that you will not have trust in your partner. You probably had bad love experiences in the past, and now you are working according to the principle: when the snake bites, you are even afraid of the lizard. You will need to check every word of his / her secretly expecting it to be a lie and a deceit.

When in a dream you see a butterfly in flight, it is a warning that you will experience difficulties. It may happen that your business will go downhill and that you will manage how you know and know. You will be forced to remind many associates that you have assisted them in a similar situation and that the return of the money you lent them would be of great benefit.