What Does the Color Blue Mean in the Bible?

The color blue: blue has a soothing and relaxing effect. This color is ideal for finding inner and outer peace to relieve stress and hectic. Blue triggers nervous cramps, the muscles relax and the heart can calm down again. Blue conveys the balancing energy that our organism needs to cope calmly and calmly with the increasingly hectic everyday life. Blue is used in color therapy for the treatment of migraine, throat problems, feverish diseases and back pain. As a meditative color, blue can be used to cool off the stress of the day, for regeneration and recovery.

With the color blue, we connect people the vastness of the bright summer sky, the unfathomable depth of the sea, of lakes, rivers and streams. In magic, this color is used in rituals that aim for wisdom, harmony, peace, or the inner light.

In addition, it is used by witches, if they want to reinforce an influence of any kind. Blue is also the color of loyalty, promoting laughter and joy. The color of the oceans reveals the truth through its clarity.

As the color of the sky, blue expresses distance, expanse and infinity. As the color of the water, it also symbolizes the soul, the unconscious and the unknown, darkness or the female side of nature. In alchemical terms, the color blue is assigned to the element earth.

Blue is associated with Jupiter, sapphire, faithfulness, and permanence. A very dark blue indicates peace, depth, night and possibly death.

Blue is also the color of melancholy. Blue is the earth, as they see cosmonauts through the window of their space capsule. Blue is a fading color, in contrast to the infinity and yearning attributed to that color.

Positive associations with the color blue: sympathy, harmony, kindness, friendship, distance, space, infinity, fidelity, yearning, relaxation, silence, wisdom, science, accuracy, punctuality, concentration, sportiness , the achievement, the courage, the eternity, the truth, the ideals

Negative associations with the color blue: the cold, the lie, the drunkenness

The meaning of the color blue in culture and religion

In Oriental countries, doors and windows are painted blue to attract good spirits and gods (who are in most religions in the sky or on high mountains beyond the clouds). From the ancient Orient comes the custom of wrapping babies in blue shawls. This is a tradition that in patriarchy was limited to little boys, because girls are less “worthy” there.

In matriarchal cultures, blue played a central role. Our Lady Mary adorns a blue cloak. According to her assigned role, she embodies peace and inwardness, loyalty and tradition. In ancient Egypt, dark blue was the color of the water and thus of the life-giving Nile deities.

Because of their idea that there is a miraculous healing effect in blue, the Egyptians wore a lot of blue jewelry. On special festive occasions, the pharaoh wore a blue helmet to document his direct descent from the gods of the heavens.

In China too, blue symbolizes the powers of heaven and immortality. In India, various deities are depicted with blue heads or blue skins. An elephant painted in blue is considered the symbol of supreme spiritualization and divine enlightenment.

The modern color concept

In the perspective of modern science, “color” is not a physical property of a body, but a sense impression, which is caused by electromagnetic waves of different lengths. The structure of the body, the perception of its luster, its roughness and its brightness are initially hidden in this modern concept of color. The fact that “color” is a phenomenon of reception can also be deduced from the fact that “colors” were perceived and named differently in different cultural circles and in different epochs.

Nevertheless, it is assumed that certain color perceptions across temporal and cultural boundaries can be assigned similar psychological effects.

“Colors” in the Old Testament

The Hebrew Bible knows neither the abstract term “color” nor the modern division of the color spectrum. However, there are a number of Hebrew adjectives that appear to be related to color perceptions known to us. These property words are often closely related to nouns, although ultimately it is difficult to clarify whether the property words are derived from the nouns (“blood / earth colors “) or vice versa.

The adjective “to be red” is the color of the blood and thus probably the color of liveliness: “blood-colored / earth-colored” or “red / brown”. Not only has the skin of the beloved appeared, but also the coat of red or red-brown animals such as horse or cow. The red-brown (or yellow-brown) Color of a dish, traditionally understood as a lentil dish, evokes in Esau the urgent need to eat “of the red, this red there”. Because Esau has eaten of the red or reddish-brown dish. And thus made the ancestor of the (on red-brown earth living?).

At least one phonetic relationship exists between and the red-brown color of the earth, from which man, the earth being, is taken (Gen 2: 7). The root goes back to the “ruby” or “carnelian”, Heb.

What Does the Color Blue Mean Spiritually?

Blue is the color of the sky and the color of the sea. It is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, intelligence, faith, truth, and paradise.

Blue is considered to give good for the body and mind. It slows down human metabolism and produces a cooling effect. It is firmly attached to calmness and tranquility. On flags and emblems symbolizes devotion and seriousness.

You can use the blue color to advertise products that have to do with cleanliness (water filters, cleaning liquids), air and ice (air ports, air conditioners), water and sea (mineral water, cruising). In contrast to warm colors like red, orange and yellow, the blue color is associated with intelligence and awareness. When advertising high-tech products use a blue color to emphasize accuracy.

According to studies, it is blue and it is widely accepted among men. Dark blue binds to depth, expertise and stability, and this is the favorite color of corporate America. Avoid the blue color when advertising food and cooking, as it reduces appetite. When used together with warm colors such as yellow or red, it can create high effects of high impact. Light blue shows health, healing, calmness, understanding and softness. Dark blue represents knowledge, strength, integrity and seriousness.

Of all the colors, the blue is deepest: the look in her tones does not encounter obstacles and is lost in the infinity as if the color is constantly retracting. Blue is the least material color: in nature it is usually shown as being made of transparency, that is, from accumulated emptiness, void of air, water, crystals or diamonds. Emptiness is fluid, clear and cold. It is blue and the coldest of all colors, and in its absolute value and the purest, excluding the complete emptiness of neutral whiteness. Of these basic characteristics, its symbolic application depends.

It is a path to infinity, where it really turns into an imaginary one. It is the color of a bird of happiness, a blue bird inaccessible, and quite close. Entering the blue means, like Alice in the land of wonders, to the other side of the mirror. When it is bright, blue is the day of dreaming, and when it’s dark, then it becomes the road of sleep.

As a fixed area or a climate of unrealistic or surreal – blue color itself resolves opposites, alternatives, such as day and night, that regulate human life. Fearless, indefatigable, nowhere in itself, the blue color is not from this world: it refers to the idea of ​​a peaceful and supreme eternity, which is superhuman or inhuman. In her movement, Kandinsky sees at the same time “the distance from man and movement directed only towards his own center, which man nevertheless attracts infinity and wakes in him the desire for purity and thirst for supernatural.”

Blue is the color of a great abyss, water. As the color of the celestial blue, it belongs to the Great Mother, the celestial emperor. It signifies the truth, intellect, revelation, wisdom, loyalty, loyalty, perseverance, greed, nobility, peace … Also, there is emptiness, primeval simplicity and limitless space. In Christianity symbolizes heavenly truth, eternity, faith, faithfulness. The color of the Virgin Mary is blue, like the celestial empresses.

Since blue is most often associated with the sea, and in the sea is an unclean force, the blue symbolizes the world of unclean forces. The purpose of introducing this symbolism in fights is to neutralize the opposition of the human world – the impure force, in order to eliminate the hostile attitude of unclean force towards man.

In tingles, on a blue canvas, which is still unheard of and paid for by money that is not even numerous, it is sewn at one end of the blackberry seed, and thus the pregnant woman becomes pregnant until her birth. Maternity can wear a blue canvas with a piece of iron, or a cabbage leaf on a blue canvas that has remained glued to the pot during washing. The island on the skin was treated by tightening the blue paper that was drilled with a needle and knitted with egg whites. From spells, to small children, as well to cubs, livestock are blue. When a person gets sick from a lichen, he called someone who has blue eyes to encircle the diseased spot on the skin with a needle, to cross it and bulky … The Serbs believe that the blue wig is at the head of a bad sign.

In the battle of the sky and the earth, blue and white colors are associated with red and green, as evidenced by Christian iconography, especially in the images of St. George’s fight against the dragon. In the Byzantium, four parties, whose cars competed on a hippodrome, wore red or green with one, blue or white on the other. Everything points to the competition of the immanent and transcendent, the earth and the sky.

Our history makes them quite real and murderous fights in which the opposing parties continue to wear the same emblematic colors in the name of divine and human right, which each claims to embody it, and such political colors are still confronting the world today.

The blue and white, marine colors express the separation from the values ​​of the earth and the release of the liberated soul towards God, according to the gold that comes to meet the virgin whiteness, during its ascension to the heavenly blue. Belief in the second world is positively evaluated by the coupling of funeral meanings of blue and white.