Spiritual Meaning of Butterfly Colors

Butterflies are associated with our beauty and gentleness in us, while in China it is one of the strongest symbols of love. Especially those youthful, innocent and indifferent. One look at this cheerful insect is enough to understand the background of this association: its flight from flower to flower is a clear view of the relationships that a person realizes daily with his environment.

However, the Chinese in the butterfly see not only the image of man’s social life, but also the picture of the most hidden man’s tendency to stay forever young, at least in the heart.

One of the most beautiful and saddest Chinese love legends is just about the butterfly. The legend of this legend is located in the time of the Jin Dynasty, when women were denied education, and the main heroine story is a talented young girl who goes to school in a large city. Although she was dressed up as a man, it did not prevent her coming to school soon after falling in love with the boy with whom she shared the school bench, and you guess – and the boy crazy fell in love with his friend.

However, how rarely anyone has an understanding of youthful love, the girl is taken away against her will, and at the request of her father she had to agree on an arranged marriage. The young man she met in school and whose true heart belonged to her heart survived a great disappointment and too much sadness made her loved one soon fell ill and die, and the girl visited his grave on the day of the marriage and cried bitterly.

Then, says the legend, a butterfly flew out of the grave, and at the same time the girl turned into a butterfly. Together they flew into a long, sky-high encounter, and since then they are inseparable in their free flight.

It is in the Legend of the Fallen Butterflies that we see an inseparable and often invisible connection that (if it is a true love) must exist between two people. In China, all romantic souls are very familiar with this fact, so it is the symbol of the two butterflies that is most often given to couples who are just entering a romantic relationship. We repeat the emphasis is on youthful love, romantic relationships with lots of fun, intense contacts, socializing, getting to know each other. Some would call these relationships optional, frivolous and transitory flings, but we would rather call them – relationships that relate to the period before the formation of the family.

Feng Shui’s advice is to place this symbol at the end of the bed in the bedroom in order to encourage some new connections, which have already been strengthened. Butterflies in the home also have the ability to fulfill our dreams, bring joy and harmony, but also to improve our sexual life. In it we see the action of an emotional nature, and it is quite logical that it is directly related to the Yang principle.

In other words, just butterflies have the ability to broadcast Yang energy and to remind us in this way that love, just like in the legend, does not care about the difficulties, but ultimately finds its way, and finally – it relates to victory.

Why are butterflies colorful?

Everyone has seen a butterfly and perhaps also marveled at its wing’s drawings and color splendor. The question then arises: how does this picturesque masterpiece of nature actually come about? What are colors anyway and are there differences in the origin of colors?

Yes, there is difference! Pigment colors and interference conjure up the most wonderful patterns on the wings of butterflies.

First, it should be noted that the wings as well as the entire outer skeleton of the butterflies mainly consist of a substance called chitin. From a purely chemical point of view, the structure of chitin is similar to that of cellulose and is probably one of the keys to the evolutionary success of insects.

But back to our question, why butterflies are colorful? Chitin has no pronounced inherent color and so the splendor of the wing drawings is determined by two other factors as already mentioned.

Interference (structure colors)

The pigment dyes:

Let’s start with the pigment dyes right away. As such, insoluble dyes are referred to, which in our case are included in the chitin of the wing scales. There are extremely many pigment dyes and correspondingly colorful, multi-layered and varied can be the wing drawings of the butterflies. Pigment dyes make up the majority of all wing drawings and are easily recognized by the fact that the color does not change with the viewing angle.

Well, now we know that pigment dyes give the butterfly wings their splendor. But why are the wings colored?

To answer this question we have to go further. First of all, we want to state that sunlight consists of a multitude of light rays of different wavelengths, to which humans have assigned colors. With a simple prism, the individual light beams can be sorted according to their wavelength. This shows the typical rainbow colors that represent the wavelength range that our eye can perceive. As the name suggests, nature is also able to reveal the rainbow colors (spectral colors) in the rainbow

Now we know that color is nothing but light of a certain wavelength, but what does that have to do with color pigments?

The solution is very simple:

If a color pigment reflects all the wavelengths that make up the rainbow, it will appear white to our eyes. A color pigment that we recognize as red waves (absorbs) all wavelengths except those that correspond to the color red. The color pigment reflects, so to speak, only “red light”

When the whole spectrum of the rainbow is swallowed (absorbed), and then a color pigment appears black.

The interference (structure colors):

To point 2, the interference. With this word, physics describes the ability of light rays to cancel each other out. In general, all the waves and since light has a wavelength as described above, it must also propagate as a wave. That sounds complicated, but we’ll try to explain it.

As an illustrative example, we take a glass of water at hand. Everyone knows that there are waves on a water surface. In our case, we drop a drop in the glass and it will cause waves. These waves are a constant up and down movement of the surface. If we dropped two drops at a specific time interval, one at the left edge and the other at the right edge, we would make the following observation. Both drops would circle as they spread, but at the meeting point they would cancel each other out. A wave trough would hit a wave mountain and balance itself. A calm water surface is the result, as if there had never been two waves.

Nothing else happens with light rays of the same wavelength whose wave pattern is just offset so much that a wave trough meets a wave crest. Well, now we know what interference is, but what does that have to do with butterflies?

A small but fine fraction of the color impressions that make up the magic of the butterflies is due to interference. These colors are also called Schiller colors. They are easily recognizable by the fact that the color impression changes or disappears completely when the viewing angle is varied. A good example of this is the wing drawing of the Great Schiller butterfly.

Butterfly Color Meaning

Butterflies come in many different colors and almost every one of them has its own specific meaning. Meaning of colors on a butterfly can be important for number of reasons. When we see a butterfly we can’t miss the beautiful colors it has on its wings, and we will certainly remember the color we saw that particular day.

As you already probably know, each color has an impact on our lives and we can learn a lot from observing the colors in our surroundings. Seeing a particular color can be taken as seeing a particular symbol in nature that can almost predict our fortune in the upcoming period and teach us about ourselves.

Red Butterfly

Color red symbolizes passion, love, romance and life. This powerful color can mean so many things and luckily they are almost always positive ones. Seeing a red butterfly or butterfly with red prints means you will have luck in love in the upcoming period and everything will be going your way. You can even be happy about a new romance that might be on the way, so open up your heart and invite people in.

Green Butterfly

Seeing a green butterfly is a symbol of life, growth, harmony and balance. This powerful color is telling you that you will soon be embarking on a journey of change and development that you so necessary need. The green butterfly is going to be a lucky one for you because change is not always bad and you are in a need for some changes. Harmony and balance are going to walk into your life, and maybe even as a consequence of changing your attitude to the world.

Blue Butterfly

Blue butterfly is a symbol of spirituality, truth, pace, security and depth. This strong color symbolism can bring you many things but either way, be prepared for a period of revelations and finding out what has been happening behind the curtains. Seeing this butterfly anywhere means you will get answers to the questions that have been bothering you for so long.

Yellow butterfly

Yellow butterfly symbolizes openness, agility, knowledge, light and will. This bright color is bringing positive vibes into your life and making you feel open for new things. Once you see this color on a butterfly, you can be sure that the divine forces have a great plan for you. Color yellow is often associated with the divine forces, so this color can also be a direct link to them. The divine forces are looking upon you and supporting your every step.

Orange Butterfly

Color orange symbolizes strong emotions, energy, happiness and optimism. Seeing this color on butterfly can only mean welcoming these kinds of emotions into your life. Embrace them and welcome the positive energy that you need so much.

White Butterfly

Color white symbolizes wisdom, purity, supernatural and spirituality. Seeing a white butterfly can mean a direct link to the divine forces and almost as a message from the angels themselves. You have been looked upon by the angels, so make sure you use the blessing you are getting to achieve something positive.

Black butterfly

Black is a symbol of darkness, death, evil and fear. Seeing a black butterfly can mean that you should be on a lookout for bad things, because someone might want to hurt you. Take into consideration your current situation and be careful.