Lucky Colour For Taurus Today

People who celebrate their birthday between 21st April and 20th May are Taurus. The Taurus is a very down-to-earth zodiac known for its reliability.

Taurus is one of the most patient signs of the zodiac, but if he sees himself exploited in his good nature or threatens his way of life, he can also become very uncomfortable.

The characteristics of Taurus

Solid, reliable and consistent, these are the characteristics that best describe the Taurus. He is the rock in the surf and extremely patient. But as positive as his boundless patience is, he can quickly become stubborn. Neither at work, nor in private life, the Taurus likes to rush and react extremely indignant, if it denies him his own work or life rhythm. Born in the star sign of the Taurus work systematically and accurately, but are not particularly ambitious. People with the star sign Taurus celebrate their free time extensively and like to drive into the countryside.

They also devote themselves to their hobbies with great devotion and surround themselves with things that give them joy and security. But if someone messes up the order in their beloved home, they can react violently. Therefore, the Taurus is sometimes considered pedantic, jealous and easily excitable. But if you find yourself in an emergency situation again, you can be lucky to know a Taurus by his side.

Taurus Men take a long time to fall in love. But once they have chosen a woman, they try everything humanly possible to conquer their loved one. Resistance is pointless, because in the end they get what they want. Male Taurus is real pleasure-seekers who appreciate good food and a good glass of wine. He is not particularly romantic, even if he loves from the bottom of his heart. The Taurus man has a pronounced sense of family and, unlike many other male zodiac signs, is not afraid to bring children into the world. A partner can always feel secure on his strong shoulder.

Sometimes bulls tend to exaggerate compulsive passion for men and find it difficult to part with loved ones. Even if this collective anger at outsiders seems chaotic, the Taurus man has his own order. These should rather not be confused, unless you want to experience an inexorable thunder.

Fully in the influence of Venus, the Taurus woman knows exactly how she can wrap the male world around her finger. She has a strong erotic charisma and is very emotional. She has a long breath and is very loving, which makes her an excellent gardener and dedicated mother. Female Taurus are very domestic and often cook and bake well.

Still, Taurus can grab women and do not shy away from hard physical labor. They are practical and have no understanding for people who live in a dream world.

The Taurus woman is a good lover and strives to make her partner happy with full physical effort. On the other hand, female Taurus is very possessive and can be jealous and beastly if they feel they are being cheated. Apart from these strong emotional reactions, however, the Taurus woman is a very reliable partner, who, while not averse to a flirt, knows where she belongs.

Taurus are very physical people whose mental well-being is closely linked to their physical health. Therefore, they try to move enough to balance their pronounced appetite. Because Taurus like to eat and don’t like dieting, if they do not pull the emergency brake they might get chubby. The reliable Taurus is always caring for their fellow human beings and sometimes too much. Therefore, they can quickly get problems with the back.

Other health problems include his vocal cords, sinuses and tonsils. The Taurus also often struggles with over or under-functions of the thyroid gland.

Taurus are very attentive people who stand out for their perseverance. Although they are not the most ambitious people under the sun, they are not shy of hard work. As an earth sign, the Taurus feels very connected to the earth and the soil and is in good hands in agriculture. But even in the craft, the down-to-earth bull can develop freely.

Money can be safely handled by the safety-conscious Taurus. Another profession for which the Taurus is well suited is the food industry. Cook, grocer or restaurateur are conceivable occupations for people born in Taurus star sign.

However, when the Taurus has reached a certain level of satisfaction, he is no longer particularly ambitious. The security-conscious bulls ensure that their account is always sufficiently filled. Certain things like traveling and good food can afford themselves, but they would never throw their money out of the window for rash purchases. In general, bulls attach great importance to quality, but treat themselves only to what fits in their financial framework.

Taurus – Lucky Color

The lucky color for every person born under the Zodiac sign of Taurus is Green. Every shade of green but also brown, are the perfect colors for Taurus people. These colors are usually called earthy colors and they can be found everywhere in nature. Taurus is also an earth sign, so everything goes well perfectly.

Symbolism of the Color Green

“I paint reality. In people who live on earth, dark forces. They live and they are good, but they are much less. Dark forces are caused by wars and bloodshed. The evil demons, those with less power, live in our friends, who, when we believe them, harm us. Is not that a reality? ”

Painter Keen is also convinced that peasants are recognizable in his paintings, reincarnated spirits, and that they are invisible to people, who in various forms depicts them in pictures. Image “Space” is a painting of a fantastic idea: in an unspecified space, ghosts are occupied by some sort of known action.

Green – the color between heaven and earth, between the eternal and pernicious. In all traditions of the world, it is a symbol of life, hope and joy, as well as change, transience and ruin. The color of paradise, abundance, but as the color of immaturity is a symbol of inexperience, insanity and naivety. Fairy green is a bright color, the color of the mystery, and the green knight marks death, betrayal.

In Christianity, spring is a green hope, the growth of the Holy Spirit in man, life, victory over death, initiation, good deeds. The pale green is Satan, evil and death. Green, as a color that brings good, receives the mythical meaning of the green paradise, the youth of the world – the eternal youth promised to the chosen ones.

The synonym, that is the green color in the heraldic, signifies civilization, love, joy and abundance. Archbishops wear a hat with braided green ribbons, bishops also wear a green hat, because they are appointed as shepherds over Christians, and this color denotes good pastures when wise shepherds lead their herds to graze.

Green possesses a malicious power. The emerald, which is a papal stone, is at the same time the stone of Lucifer before the fall. While green as a measure was a symbol of reason – Minerva’s blue-eyed eyes – in the middle Ages has become a symbol of insanity and a sign of crazy. In our time, when fantastic (due to scientific discoveries) gets a cosmic meaning, the Martians, the reverse of humanity, are conceived in the form of green demons or human beings, or as beings of green blood, which is given the meaning of sacrilege.

In all mythologies, the green divine rests sleep with winter sleep in the underworld where the Htonian red brings them back to life. Because of this, they are externally green, and the inside is red, and their empire extends to both worlds.

Green is the color of water, such as the red color of the fire, and therefore, the person has always instinctively felt the relations of these two colors analogous to the relations between their essence and their existence. Green is the color of hope, strength, and immortality, symbolized by the green branch everywhere. For this reason, medieval painters painted a cross – a means of restoration of the human race, renewal guaranteed by the sacrifice of Christ – green.

In the middle Ages, the clothes of the doctors were green because they used medicinal herbs and the rest of the color of the eyes of medicines. A pharmaceutical advertisement has succeeded in reviving the old belief, adding the mythical meaning of panacea to words such as chlorophyll or vitamins.

The term “return to greenery”, which is a bit in the urban environment, expresses the need for occasional return to the natural environment, in which nature is a substitute for the mother. Protective, soothing, refreshing, greenery celebrated in religious monuments that our ancestors raised in the desert.

Green remains a hope for the Christians, a theological virtue. Grail is a secret over secrets. An emerald, crystalline green vessel in which the blood of an embodied god, where the concepts of love and sacrifice are combined, are the conditions of renewal expressed by the shiny green color of the vessel. The myth is inspired by the texts of the New Testament. The Holy John in Revelation thus describes his vision of the supreme God, which is the epiphany of light, with no faces and faces: And those who sat down were seen as a stone jasper and sardine, and around the throne was long in vision as an emerald. From this view of the emerald comes the Grail; he includes, he is a vessel, a woman. Abode of light, contained as the very essence of the deity, is double in one, at the same time green as jasper and dark red as carnelian.

Green bowl is used in love magic. When a boiler is used in a green vessel, then the “separation” space is expressed using a green grass tint. It is interesting that green has a similar symbolic function in the Byzantine church art: it separates the divine (or imperial) from the earthly one.

Daily Lucky Colors – Taurus

Besides having a lucky color in general, every Zodiac sign has its own daily lucky color. these color help us get through the day and attract as much positive energy as we can.


Monday is the lucky day for every Taurus therefore they should definitely wear their lucky color on a Monday. This will make them desireable, successful and extremely lucky.


Blue is the color of spirituality, truth and harmony. Wearing this color on Tuesday is going to help Taurus people get the most of their day.


Vibrant colors like magenta symbolize strong emotions, passion and love. Wearing this color on a Wednesday is going to give Taurus the desire to endure until the end of the week.


Scarlett color symbolizes love, passion, emotions and connections. It is a lucky color for every Taurus on a Thursday.


White is the color of spirituality, light and purity. White should be worn by every Taurus on a Friday because this is their secondary lucky color and a secondary lucky day.


Brown symbolizes earth and it is ideal for Taurus as an Earth sign. it can help him get the most of his powers and endure the messy Saturday.


Another earthy color is ideal for Taurus and wearing beige on Sunday is going to be perfect.