Lucky Colour For Scorpio Today

Anyone who was born between the 24th of October and the 22nd of November is born in the sign of Scorpio. This zodiac is said to have a great determination, but also a certain uncompromising nature.

Scorpions are very combative and want to achieve goals that they have set themselves. But Scorpio born has many more facets than just their combative nature.

General Description of the Scorpio Sign

The fearless scorpions are very passionate people, regardless of whether they are male or female. Physicality plays a very important role in this zodiac sign. Without the scorpion being able to satisfy his hunger for passion in a partnership, a relationship with him will not last. Scorpions want to get to the bottom of things, be it professionally or privately. With half-baked answers and results they cannot be put off. They want to know what’s behind the things and are also very ambitious.

This ambition suits them very much in their job. People with the star sign Scorpio usually end up in the professions they have always been passionate about, even if the road to it was a rocky one. Through low blows they cannot be dissuaded from their goal.

The stamina, which is responsible for their professional success, helps the scorpions in personal matters during the day as well. They are real family people and would go through hell for their friends. But beware! If you disappoint the confidence of a scorpion, he can also become very vindictive. You do not want a scorpion as an enemy.

Devotees do not lack the scorpion men and women in principle. Not only do you have a very sensual charisma, but you also have an alert mind and a mysterious aura. This combination is irresistible to many people. The Scorpio is looking for the right partner to share his life with, but his single life enjoys life to the fullest. Eroticism plays an important role for scorpions, whether in a relationship or as a single.

People with the star sign Scorpio have a lot to give their partners, but a relationship with them can also be very exhausting. Because they tend to become possessive and are very jealous. Your partner must therefore constantly prove to them how much he loves her.

The ruler planet of the scorpion is the Pluto and you can tell the male scorpion clearly. Not at all, is the motto of the Scorpion Man. The determination of the male scorpions sometimes seems almost obsessive, so much do scorpion men bite into a project.

Surprisingly, male scorpions are real human connoisseurs and can empathize well with their fellow human beings. That comes from their excellent powers of observation, which benefit them in many ways. He sees through people quickly and can use their mistakes and weaknesses against them if they hurt him. He can be very vindictive and obstinate. But is just as loyal and devoted.

On the other hand, the male scorpion is also capable of very deep feelings. Once he has decided on a partner, he gives her his whole heart. In terms of sex, the scorpion man is just as insatiable as in other areas of life. In addition, his raw and unbridled sexuality is very attractive to the opposite sex. The great energy and mysterious male aura that surrounds the Scorpion Man are simply irresistible to many women. But as passionate as a love affair with the scorpion-man may be, so dark are the dark sides of this medal. For if you cheated or lied to the male scorpion, he will not forget that quickly. Then his passionate affection quickly turns into jealousy and resentful anger.

His profession is very important to the scorpion man. He goes into his work and defines himself through his professional achievements. In demanding occupations he feels in good hands and does not shrink from strenuous challenges.

The female scorpion only really gets going when others have already erased the sails. She is a real fighter and sets her goals high. Female scorpions love life and want to savor it in all its nuances. In their spare time they are often found in extreme sports or excessive shopping. Scorpio women attach great importance to their appearance and men can hardly escape their erotic charisma. You do not have to say much to attract the strongest sex. Their looks and their posture are a sensual promise.

Despite her pronounced sexuality, the Scorpio woman does not take love lightly. She desperately wants to find the man of her life and if she has found him, she will not let him off the hook again.

However, it is not so easy to meet the high demands of female scorpion. She wants a man as strong as she is, who has a good job and who is as capable of deep emotions as she is. But if she has found the man of her dreams, she will give him heaven on earth. However, female scorpions are also very possessive and cannot tolerate her husband looking around for other women. If they detect a betrayal, then it can be uncomfortable.

Like no other zodiac sign, female scorpions are subject to strong mood swings. This can make living together with them very stressful. But if they are in a good mood, their partners, friends and their families are overwhelmed with affection.

The biggest physical weak spot of scorpions are their excretory organs. They often get bladder infections or suffer from intestinal diseases. In male scorpions are also the prostate, in female ovaries are often affected by diseases. Due to their unbalanced nature, psychosomatic suffering is not foreign to scorpions. Regular rest periods and meditation are therefore very beneficial for the health of scorpions.

Scorpions usually have no problems with their weight as they do a lot of sports. Sometimes even so intense that they come to their physical limits.

Scorpions are made to go to the bottom of the truth, even if it takes a long time. They do not give up so quickly and reach their destination with stubborn doggedness. Therefore, they are ideal detectives, lawyers or judges. Scorpions cannot be bribed and also do not settle for superficialities. Therefore, they also have a responsible civil service or military career.

The ambitious scorpions also feel well in the field of medicine or research. They are quite up to the harsh working conditions of an accident surgeon or a midwife. Many scorpions are scientists and make groundbreaking discoveries, even if they have to devote themselves to them for decades. Her analytical mind and questioning work predestine her for this profession.

Scorpio – Lucky Color

The lucky color for a Scorpio is black. Besides black, many link this sign with grey and dark red. Black stands opposite white. White promises all possibilities, black announces completion. White is on the top of the rock, black on its bottom. White gives energy, black is swallowed, stolen, seized. Black symbolizes spiritual mystery and darkness, humiliation, destruction, burnout.

Black-colored objects are rapidly warmed up in the sun, precisely because of their ability to absorb energy. But do not wear black clothes day by day or wear black from head to toe, no matter how mysterious it looks in it. Because, before you are mysterious, you will have a huge but unnecessary loss of energy. If you are a supporter of gray or black elegance, it is advisable to “enclose” it with white, yellow or orange with silk. Make sure to always wear a black wardrobe with a golden or golden yellow color. Except for being a chic, you will balance your energy balance.

And, in order not to ignite the depression and black thought, even in your life, the white dominates over black. Black symbolizes: deities of the underworld, refusal, use of evil and negativity, protection, expulsion, attachment, escape from bad habits, addiction, deep meditation, opens deep unconscious levels.

Black also symbolizes seriousness, darkness, depression, death, sadness, mystery, secrecy, occultism, rebellion against triviality, provocation, underground world. Things that must remain hidden, nothingness as the great source of all creation, the need to maintain their energy. Black is the color for extreme, everything and nothing. Black symbolizes people who primarily always vote for trust.

A person who has an aversion to black can have fear of an unknown, or fear of abuse of power. He wants to become free from all kinds of addictions, blockades, obstacles, to overcome the gaps. With black color, power, elegance, formality, death, evil and mystery associated with the fear of the unknown (black hole) are bound.

It usually has a negative connotation (black list, black humor). Black denotes power and authority; it is considered to be very formal, elegant and prestigious (black tie, black Mercedes). On flags and emblems is a symbol of sorrow. Black gives a sense of depth and perspective, but the black background reduces legibility. Black clothes make the person look thinner. When designing an art gallery, the black or gray background emphasizes other colors. Black in combination with red or orange – other powerful colors – gives a very aggressive pattern.

If you’re favorite color is black:

You care that the environment pays attention to you, not to your wardrobe. When you need to make a decision, do not be guided by feelings, but only with arguments.

For most cultures, black is a symbol of sadness and death (suffering is black, grave cancer is dark), but not with all nations; For example, in some Asian countries, for the reverse, white marks sorrow. In astronomy, the term “black hole” is related to the appearance of a field or object of extremely large gravity, in which everything disappears and from which nothing can be exited. Black leather clothing is associated with attractiveness.

Daily Lucky Color – Scorpio

Even though black is the lucky color for every Scorpio, they also have their lucky daily colors. These colors bring the best out of every sign and make them attract more positive energy.


Grey should be worn by Scorpios on a Monday. This color symbolizes feminine energy, dreams and intuition.


This attractive color is perfect for every Scorpio and it should be worn on a Tuesday. Scarlett symbolizes commitment and passion.


Similar to the Scarlett color, the Dark Red symbolizes passion, love and strong emotions.


Black is, of course, Scorpio’s happy color and it should be worn on his lucky day and that is Thursday.


Dark green is a symbol of royalty and rejuvenation. This color is recommended for the beginning of the weekend.


Silver jewelry is always recommended for a Scorpio sign, especially on Saturdays.


On a Sunday, Scorpio should wear the rich and noble purple color.