Lucky Colour For Sagittarius Today

Who celebrates his birthday between November 23rd and December 21st has the Sagittarius. People with this zodiac sign are freedom-loving, optimistic and have high ideals. Sagittarians are very honest and open-minded people, but with their honesty sometimes shoot past the target. Since Sagittarius born does not mince words, they sometimes bump their fellow human beings in the head.

But what are the other strengths and weaknesses of the Sagittarius?

General description of the Sagittarius sign

Sagittarians are life-hungry people who would like to discover the whole world. The element of the Sagittarius is the fire and also the character of this star sign is highly flammable. If the Sagittarius is interested in a project or a person, then he cannot be stopped. This project often serves higher goals. Protectors are committed to animal welfare, work voluntarily at the end of the world or are politically active. Often the versatile interested Sagittarius does not get his many projects under one hat and then reacts very capricious. But he soon found his good mood again.

Sagittarians love spiritual challenges. They like profound conversations and are always in search of the meaning of life. With pseudo-knowledge and flat attitudes one does not get far with the Sagittarius. Impostors are immediately unmasked by him. Sadly, Sagittarius-born is also prone to vanity and to being morally superior to others. If they are referred to this fact by a friend or family member, they try to stop this behavior immediately.

Male Sagittarius make you feel alive. Sagittarius men are very spirited and exude joy of life, where they go and stand. Clear that they arrive with their charming and cheerful nature also good at the ladies. Male Sagittarius are very enthusiastic and that applies to all areas of life. Although the Sagittarius is a romantic idealist, yet he generally cannot keep his eyes off the fairer sex. He believes in his current love that this will be the woman of his life.

For Sagittarius Men every day is a new, beautiful challenge, even when a stressful working day lies ahead of them. Sagittarius men love their freedom very much, they like to travel for their lives and are reluctant to constrict. This also applies to male Sagittarius in a relationship. A relationship for his taste must not be too narrow and with jealousy the Sagittarius man cannot cope.

In a Sagittarius man, you have a friend for life who is loyal and loyal to the side. Male gunmen freely express their opinions and thus often attack. But in the long run, their friends thank you for their honesty. The adventurousness and the impulsive behavior of the Sagittarius make him seem reckless and naive in his fellow human beings.

But the Sagittarius can well put off any failures. In the profession, the Sagittarius can be very successful because he can stand very passionately behind a project. The prerequisite for the career success of Sagittarius man, however, is that he loves what he does.

The Sagittarius woman is a real jack-of-all-trades and feels at home in most countries of the world. She is an independent being that can only lead to relationships at eye level. Nonetheless, the Sagittarius is a female Casanova. She is a fiery lover and a very sexual being.

They are the most diverse qualities that attract them to the opposite sex. A charming smile, a clever joke or a seductive guitar playing – all this can make the Sagittarius woman rave. The Sagittarius can develop deep feelings, but she wants to determine the conditions of a relationship.

Sagittarius women attach great importance to their appearance and tend to vanity. If she is no longer attractive to men, it will scratch the ego of the Sagittarius. Friendship is as important to the female Sagittarius as to the Sagittarius man. With the Sagittarius you can steal horses and she is genuinely interested in the experiences and feelings of her fellow human beings. Friendships with Sagittarius women often last a lifetime.

However, the Sagittarius woman does not like to become sedentary. Hardly a zodiac moves as often as the Sagittarius. Sagittarius lives in the here and now and is often playful in nature. That’s why they need people in their lives to stabilize them.

Sagittarius – Lucky Color

Lucky color for every Sagittarius is Purple. This is a pretty powerful color and every Sagittarius should wear it everywhere he goes. Even if it means just a little piece of jewelry or a small handkerchief, purple is definitely going to bring you more power and luck. Violet color combines the stability of blue and energy red. Purple relates to the kingdom. It symbolizes power, nobility, abundance and ambition. Brings wealth and extravagance. With purple, wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery and magic are associated.

According to research, almost 75% of pre-adolescents prefer the purple color. In nature it is very rare. Some are considered artificial. Light violet invites romantic and nostalgic feelings. It is a good choice for women’s design and products for children.

Dark purple evokes depression and a sense of sadness. It can cause frustration. Purple is a Masonic color. In Egypt the famous Queen Cleopatra adored the color purple. Purple color was very expensive and hard to get, which is the reason why only royalty could obtain it. When a woman loses her husband in Thailand and is left as a widow to shown her mourning for her husband. In the U.S. military “Purple Heart” is a decoration for soldiers who are injured or killed on the battle field. Purple is also considered to be a color of royalty.

Violet sheaths are a symbol of power and authority. “Violet speech” is an expression for sophisticated speech. “Purple prose” is the type of prose that is full of beautiful words and embellishments.

Leonardo de Vinci strongly believed that the meditation is much stronger and powerful when it is done in the violet light. According to color theory, the purple color in the child’s room helps to develop imagination. Richard Wagner wrote his famous opera in a space painted in purple color, which was his inspirational color.

Symbolism of the color Purple

Violet, in the tone of an amethyst, is complex, multi-layered and complicated in its character as well as in its symbolism. In purple and purple, the earthly red unites with the heavenly blue and becomes the epitome of mystical mystery. At the same time Violet unites all other opposites of red and blue: the cold with the hot, the present with the fleeting, and the male with the feminine. The latter is why feminists have taken advantage of the color purple or violet to represent the androgynous – the equal.

The mystical beauty of Violet is complex and tense. From the far-sighted balance of blue in combination with the power of red one of the meanings of violet arises: the psychic strength. Violet also stands for supernaturalism – the sensual red by the spiritual blue “relieved of the earth”. Another meaning of Violet is transformation – through the blending of the opposites of red and blue, it represents coping with periods of upheaval in life, from which the personality emerges strengthened.

However, the transformation also has a symbolic shadow side: Violet is the color of deep mourning. The fiery red is extinguished by the blue. At the same time, Blue sacrifices his freedom for the earthly component of the red portion. Thus violet stands for insight, profundity and psychic power – as well as for grief and loss.

For a long time, purple was the most expensive of all colors and was reserved for kings and ecclesiastical dignitaries only – it stands for opulence and grandeur. Violet sheaths are a symbol of power and authority. “Violet speech” is an expression for sophisticated speech. “Purple prose” is the type of prose that is full of beautiful words and embellishments. Leonardo de Vinci strongly believed that the meditation is much stronger and powerful when it is done in the violet light.

According to color theory, the purple color in the child’s room helps to develop imagination. Richard Wagner wrote his famous opera in a space painted in purple color, which was his inspirational color.

If the violet strikes clear in one direction, it is perceived as much less exciting. As in the case of the fascinating purple – once the most expensive color in the world – the color of kings. Here, blue only acts as a “taming” on the wild character of red and creates a dignified, glamorous color. This symbolizes royal opulence and royal extravagance like no other. It stands for fascination, luxury and beguiling, sublime beauty.

If the violet tone leans to the blue side, a tone emerges that stands for Thoughtful Introversion. Unlike pure blue, however, it has become tangible through the red. Blue-violet symbolizes sober assurance, melancholy and sensitivity. With bright violet and mauve tones, a friendly day passes – they are said to have a dreamy nostalgia.

Bright violet nuances are the last notes in the evening sky before it gets dark. They stand for the farewell of the day. Likewise, lilac, lavender and mauve stand for the end of a journey and for the “last look back” at the end of a stage. These tones stand for a fragile, graceful beauty as well as for melancholy, sentimentality and nostalgia. In its dark nuances Violet wins a gloomy mysticism. It stands for impenetrable depths – hypnotic, absorbing and mysterious. His symbolism is the inscrutable complexity, the drama, the magic and a dominant kind of extravagance and power.

Daily Lucky Color – Sagittarius

Sagittarius’s lucky color is purple. As we already talked about, purple is the color of royalty, nobility, mystery and spirituality. This powerful color is the color that best describes the playful and extravagant Sagittarius that is also creative and interesting to others. Besides having his happy color in general,

Sagittarius also has his daily lucky colors that can help him gain more happiness and energy throughout the day. These colors should be worn on important days, or even every day if you know that these colors are going to make you luckier.


Lucky color for every Sagittarius on a Monday is Blue. This color is going to make you much more attractive and give you more energy to withstand the day.


On Tuesdays opt for the color Red, which symbolizes love, passion and it is definitely going to give you more power.


Magenta is the color for Wednesday. This color symbolizes strong emotions, love and beauty.


Sagittarius’s lucky color Purple should be worn on his lucky day, to double the amount of luckiness and happiness.


Lighter version of Purple should be worn on a Friday. This color is going to make every Sagittarius grab all the attention.


Dark red is the perfect color for a Sagittarius on a Saturday. This color is a symbol of strong emotions, love and romance.


Green symbolizes rejuvenation and nature. Every Sagittarius should wear it on a Sunday, so he can gather enough energy for the next day.