Lucky Colour For Pisces Today

Anyone who has been born on the day between February 20 and March 20 can be assigned to the star sign Pisces. Pisces are known for their great empathy and vivid imagination.

They are considered very compassionate, but sometimes they can be a bit over-sensitive. The water sign Pisces is a very multi-faceted character, which has its own strengths and weaknesses.

General description of the Pisces sign

If Pisces cannot stand one, then there are conflicts inside of her. You will hardly find a zodiac sign in the astrological sky that is more scathing than the Pisces. People with this star sign are literally hard to grasp and try to avoid confrontation. This is partly due to their great need for harmony and partly to their sometimes weak self-confidence.

Therefore, they are very sensitive to any form of criticism. Once the feelings of a Pisces have been violated, they are difficult to regain confidence.

Legendary is the excellent gut feeling of the Pisces born. If they have a hunch, then this usually proves to be correct in hindsight. The Pisces are also particularly interested in the emotions of their fellow human beings. Pisces characters are very compassionate and loyal friends.

However, material plays only a minor role in the life of most Pisces. More important to them are deep friendships, a harmonious family life or the realization of their idealistic dreams. How much they would like to live in their colorful fantasy worlds and simply forget the problems of everyday life.

Sometimes, those born with Pisces are doomed to lack of realism, and they are unstable and closed. But thanks to their great circle of friends and their patience, the Pisces keep getting it on its feet.

Logic is not exactly the greatest strength of the Pisces woman, but she has an even richer fantasy world. Wherever creativity and innovative ideas are in demand, the Pisces woman is right. She is able to conjure something special into the everyday and has the ability to captivate people.

The sensitivity of the Pisces also affects their health. Her nervous costume is quickly attacked and she is prone to panic attacks or sleep disturbances.

Male Pisces have a big heart, but are also very contradictory in their behavior and feelings. Sometimes the Pisces man says one thing and yet does the other. For his fellow humans the Pisces man is therefore sometimes difficult to see through.

Since the male Pisces is extremely sensitive, it exerts a great attraction on its environment. He has a warm and partly also very sensual charisma, which especially excites the women’s world. But friendships also play a big role in the lives of the Pisces men. Anyone who has a male Pisces as a friend can always cry out to him and count on his heartfelt sympathy.

Unfortunately, many Pisces’s tend to idealize their mates or affairs and close their eyes to their bad qualities. That’s why it sometimes takes a while for Pisces Men to get out of bad relationships.

After a short period of mourning, the Pisces man is ready to fall in love again. He is very romantic and is looking for a partner for life, but he has quite high expectations in terms of potential partners. To make matters worse, male Pisces can be very sensitive and vindictive.

Male Pisces like to be drifted from life and sometimes get lost. Their easy influence leads them now and again in dead ends, from which they can only free themselves with the help of their friends.

Female Pisces are extremely dreamy and intuitive. They rely completely on their gut feeling and radiate a natural sensuality. At first glance, the Pisces woman seems mysterious and charming, but behind it can hide an uncertain insecurity. Females long for affirmation and tend to indulge in their partner, but on the other hand, to be dependent on him. In a Pisces Woman, a man has found a devoted partner who can completely engage with her partner.

Loud conflicts and aggressive power games are not at all the female Pisces. That does not mean, however, that Pisces give up women quickly. They have other means and ways to enforce their will. Their ability to empathize with other people helps them to do so. So they can subtly influence their fellow human beings.

Logic is not exactly the greatest strength of the Pisces woman, but she has an even richer fantasy world. Wherever creativity and innovative ideas are in demand, the Pisces woman is right. She is able to conjure something special into the everyday and has the ability to captivate people.

The sensitivity of the Pisces also affects their health. Her nervous costume is quickly attacked and she is prone to panic attacks or sleep disturbances.

Pisces – Lucky Color

Lucky color for every Pisces is Green. Green is associated with spring, the emerging life and the growing plants. As the color of the annual renewal and the triumph of spring over the cold winter, green symbolizes hope and immortality. The root of the word green lies in the old Germanic word ghro, which means “grow and prosper”.

Green can be made by subtractive color mixing of blue and yellow. In this respect, the color green combines the spiritual of the color blue with the emotional warmth of the color yellow. Both together create growth and wisdom. The color green is also a symbol of inexperience. A young, inexperienced man is a “greenhorn”, he is “green behind the ears”.

Symbolism of the color Green

In the March picture of the famous books of the brothers Limburg, a group of mounted women with corn-green coats appears. The painted with malachite green symbolizes the spring and maybe the youthfulness of the girls.

The corn-green coats are painted with malachite. The relationship of the English word grow with green is not by chance. With the help of sunlight and the carbon dioxide that animals and humans produce, the plants produce the vital oxygen and starch. The magical material for the process of photosynthesis is the green pigment chlorophyll (leaf green), which has the ability to convert inorganic substances into organic ones.

Although chlorophyll has existed successfully on Earth for billions of years, the color green did not play a significant role in the hunters and gatherers of the Stone Age, in contrast to the color red.

So there are practically no cave paintings depicting plants, although green earth was available. After the downfall of the hunt peoples and with the advent of agriculture, gods increasingly came into being, which are associated with the color green.

“You green, O Nile, you green the fields.” Thus, an unknown poet praises the life-giving river in a hymn in ancient Egypt. In the Egyptians, the color green was like the blue positively occupied. The ancient Egyptian goddess and deity of cow Hathor was occasionally depicted in the shape of a green tree. She was the mistress of love and life. A depiction of the goddess in a burial chamber shows how a heavy-breasted breast from a mulberry fig infuses the pharaoh.

Particular importance was attached to the green malachite. It was ground and mixed with egg white, acacia resin or fig milk to form an emerald-green paint and make-up. This was used by the Egyptian women to make up their eyelids. In addition to its use as a pigment, it has remained a popular gemstone to this day. The Egyptians mined the mineral from Mount Sinai and extracted copper from it. In the Arab world, powdered malachite was used as an antidote and for ulcers. This effect, like its use as a talisman to protect children from accidents, has remained a legend.

However, some still attribute healing powers to him today. The same was true for the green gemstone emerald.

The malachite is a green copper ore.  In alchemy, solvents that could dissolve gold have been called “green lion” or “green dragon”. Such liquids stood at the beginning of the “great work”, the production of the “stone of the wise” (see red color). Under the image of a translucent, green crystal, the alchemists also saw a “secret fire” that embodied the liveliness of the spirit’s inherent substance.

In the Middle Ages and the minnesing era, green was the color of love or love. Céladon sings in the shepherd novel “Astrée” of Honoré d’Urfé (1568-1625) his mistress Astrée, wearing May green. This was in the Middle Ages as a symbol of being in love. Céladon is initially disowned for his alleged infidelity, and only after many trials does he gain the favor of his beloved. In a well-known Minnelied it says:

Green was not just the color of love in the Middle Ages, but also the color of the evil serpents and demons. In ancient China, the dragon still had a very positive meaning. He symbolized the divine power of transformation, the rhythm of nature, as well as supernatural wisdom and strength. In this respect, the dragon was often associated with the color green.

Christianity reversed the positive symbol and created a monster that combined all the evil and destructive qualities. Christian demons had green skin and green eyes, they took their victims directly to hell. Fertility as a symbol of the color green has become something disreputable, as the Christian moral guardians wanted to avoid any suspicion of unbridled sexuality. The devil – as a hunter on the souls – appeared in a green skirt.

Although some medieval artists paint the cross of Christ green or often carry saints green in their pictures – as a sign of hope – there is still the notion that green and yellow are connected by the term poison. For example, poison green is a commonly used color.

Daily Lucky Color – Pisces

Besides having a happy or lucky color in general, every Pisces has its own lucky color for each day. Wearing our lucky colors on a particular day can help us be luckier and also attract more positive energy into our lives. We are going to mention a happy color for each day of the week, so you know which color is best for you to wear on that day.


Blue is the lucky color for Pisces on a Monday. This color represents sincerity, trust and friendship.


Pink, which represents love, romance and femininity, is the perfect color for the Tuesday.


Pisces’s happy color should be worn on its lucky day and that is Wednesday.


Similar to the Green color, this even richer shade reminds us of the deep waters in which the fish lives.


White symbolizes the sensitivity and spirituality of a Pisces. It is its lucky color for Friday.


Color Yellow is Pisces’s lucky color for Saturday.


Black suits Pisces perfectly since it is a color of mystery and darkness, which they tend to lean to sometimes.