Lucky Colour For Libra Today

Anyone who was born between the 24th of September and the 23rd of October is assigned to the zodiac sign Libra. The element of the scales is the air.

People with the zodiac Libra are in need of harmony and real esthete. They are considered the aesthetes under the signs of the zodiac, but also have their corners and edges.

General Description of the Libra Sign

Libra-born does not like conflicts and are always balanced. Conversely, this also means that Libras can only say something bad rarely and so often get into situations in which they feel very uncomfortable. By their partly ambiguous behavior, Libras cause misunderstandings that only make their lives unnecessarily complicated.

Libra – Born has a strong sense of justice and always tries to mediate in disputes. Even if they were not involved in the original dispute. Scales can assess their fellow human beings well and are therefore predestined to resolve conflicts. The Libra is commonly considered diplomatic, tactful and tolerant. In her free time, the Libra likes to deal with the beautiful things in life and sometimes even closes its eyes to big problems.

People with the sign of Libra attach great importance to good behavior and do not like to stand out from a group of people. Etiquette and a feeling for fashion and interior design are as important to them as a large circle of acquaintances.

Certainly the strengths can also become weaknesses and vice versa. Strictly speaking, all properties are strengths or at least opportunities to train them to strengths. It depends on the right size and type of embossing.

The Libra Man is constantly searching for harmony and balance, but has firm ideas of what is right and what is wrong. If something does not seem right to him, he does so openly. The male Aquarius divides the world into black and white, and thus it offends many people. Because despite his great sense of justice, he sometimes rashly judges others. But the words in which the Libra man dresses his criticism are always charming and diplomatic. He takes the sting from his words. Because he seriously doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He is happiest when he is at peace with himself and his environment.

Male Libras usually have a well-groomed appearance and are very cultured. They know how to move on the social stage and have a good sense of humor. These features make the Libra Men very interesting for the opposite sex. In love, the Libra man is sometimes very indecisive, as he is looking for the perfect partner. At the slightest doubt, he withdraws. If you want to win the heart of a male Libra, you have to be very persistent. The effort is worth it, because the Libra man is a sensitive lover and a solid partner.

Libra Women love intellectual exchanges and attach great importance to a flawless appearance. Female scales can perfectly stage themselves and everything that is beautiful can be beautiful. Whether clothing, music, art or exquisite furniture. They love to present themselves to the public and work hard on their good looks. Libra Women have high standards of living and also of their potential partner. Who cannot withstand this pressure; better not advertise a female scale.

With decisions the Libra has its problems. She is not only extremely fickle, but also not known for her punctuality. But you really should not rush a Libra woman. These qualities drive the circle of friends and acquaintances of female Libras ever mad. Libra Women like to be surrounded by many people and exert an almost irresistible effect on the men’s world. They love to win men over, but the feelings for their flirting partners also cool quickly.

If something is not going on the way the Libra woman imagines, it can be extremely uncomfortable. But just as fast as she can get upset, she calms down again. Because disharmony cannot endure the female scales long.

Unresolved issues or disagreements in partnership, family or circle of friends are an abomination to the Libra. If the Libra fails to restore its inner balance, it becomes directly physically noticeable. Her kidneys are particularly sensitive to conflicts. “That’s my kidney” is a sentence that seems to be tailored to the Libra.

Libra – Lucky Color

The lucky color for every Libra is pink, especially baby pink and other pastel colors that exude balance and harmony. Just like in movies, Libra’s paths are mostly covered with beautiful, gentle pink roses. Here are the plain and positive expressions associated with pink color.

Why do we want the future to be pink and not to say the yellow one? Yellow is the color of the sun, light, rather optimistic but still we use color pink as our reference to something beautiful and peaceful.

Symbolism of the Color Pink

In many languages, we are staring at the pink future or maybe, under some circumstances, everything looks pink (meaning prospectively, with good odds) and if that is not the case, well, it is enough to put pink glasses so it will be all the more comfortable and easy. Pink color or pink (no pink) is a color that got its name, both in our and in many other languages, to rose – rose, rose, die rose (no.).

In order to see who in history was first known for his love for his life being plastered with roses, we have to go back about 2000 years back to Rome, during the reign of Emperor Nero (37 years old – 68 years old). Neuron was not remembered for either good or noble things. He was a real criminal and a dictator.

Among other things, he was fired by Rome, and there was still a story in his mind that he watched Rome burn from his terrace, and then roamed and played. For the fire he blamed the Christians at that time forbidding the sect, and many of them subsequently condemned the horrible deaths in the arenas.

On one of the Roman hills that had been burned down in the fire, Nero built himself a palace and gave it the name of Domus Aurea, the golden yellow house. Palace was exceptionally luxurious, and one of the newspapers that were built on the Nero request was built in the main hall was a specific movable roof mechanism that was powered by slaves and which allowed the callers to fall in the hall during the luxurious banquets of rose petals.

Neuron loved that feeling when the rose petals were falling, and he said the story that he was on some journeys as well, he demanded that his path be covered with rose petals. Neuron did not survive in power for a long time, but he was killed, but the scent of rose petals remained as a symbol of luxury and riches.

This can be seen in the picture of a famous English painter named Lorens Alma-Tadema from the late 19th century. Alma – Tadema named the picture by another, a Roman Emperor named Elagabal, who was the true Neuron’s successor for a runaway life. Here, as the story tells and the memory remembers, it is an explanation for the emergence of these expressions that associate the pink color with light-hearted life and the future.

As far as the pink glasses are concerned, this story is wrapped in the veil of secrets, at least by the official science. If we try to go back to the historical track, one of the first people we come across to see some kind of eye-catcher is again Nero, who liked to look at the gladiator’s struggle through a specially polished lens made of minerals. There are no indications, whether these minerals were in color or not, nor were they likely to have corrected the vision.

That’s why we will look at what brings us a story about the German name for the glasses – Brille. The German word Brille is derived from minerals called beryl. Beryl or an ancient beryllos means blue or sea water. So these first glasses made of mineral beryl have a bluish, green tone.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, corrective eyewear has already begun, some of which have been painted. Most of them were painted in blue or green. E.g. Hans Christian Anderesen wore corrective lenses with green lenses, Claude Monet, a famous painter, who was suffering from catharsis, glasses with green lenses.

At that time, syphilis was a fairly common illness that affected both the sight and persons with these symptoms overwhelmed the glasses with yellow, brown and blue or green glasses. So there is no mention of the glasses with pink glasses until the late 20th century and the sunglasses appear. Actress Audrey Hepburn, the icon of style and glamor, celebrated sunglasses with pink glasses. This is too late for our term; it is believed to have been created much earlier.

I try to give you a different view of this saying. Starting with the language and expressions – like seeing something in pink light, seeing perspective, going out of some situation, seeing something from the positive side. In the German language, this phrase is disgusting expression –

The night was always a symbol of darkness, when the unknown forces of darkness and dangers dominate. And when the dawning dawn, when the pink light on the horizon announces a new day, everything looks much more relaxed and more perspicuous. Well, if we cannot see that pink light sometimes or say light at the end of the tunnel, there are pink glasses to help us hoping for a better future.

Daily Lucky Color – Libra

Besides having its lucky color, every Libra sign has a daily lucky color. These colors can help your sign to feel more comfortable and also to attract much more positive energy into your day. These colors are advised to be worn when you are planning on having an important date or business meeting.


On Mondays, all Libras should wear the light orange color or peach color. This color is going to bring you luck and positive energy.


Tuesdays are reserved for baby blue color. This color symbolizes youth, children and positive energy.


Pink is the symbol of optimism, femininity, passion and love. Wearing pink for Libras is a must, because this color brings a lot of positivity into their lives.


On Thursdays it is recommended for the Libras to wear white. This color is a symbol of purity, sensitivity and spirituality.


All light and pastel colors go very well with the Libra sign. The light purple color symbolizes royalty, love and beauty.


Grey is the right color for Saturdays and this color symbolizes dreams, intuition and female energy.


Last but not least is the light yellow color. This pastel color is a symbol of friendship, optimism and sunlight.