Lucky Colour For Gemini Today

The Gemini is represented by a pair of twins, who hold each other tightly. The two personalities symbolize the double character of the sign and at the same time express the world of polar opposites: male-female, light-darkness, subject-object, and inside-outside.

In some astrological zodiacs, this sign is also represented by a man and a woman. The youthful Mercury, which is in the middle of the puberty phase, is the ruler planet of the Gemini. Immediately after birth, Mercury rips out of the arms of his mother Maya to set out into the wide world.

General Description of the Gemini sign

The Gemini is characterized by a curious and unsteady nature. Therefore, in case of doubt, they always prefer the adventure of safety. The spring sign reflects all facets of youth: desire, passion, genius, duality, absent-mindedness, creativity, playfulness and androgyny. Who am I? The search for one’s own identity is of central importance to the Gemini. The air element harbors action and emotion inside, but does not know how to reconcile these two elements. The secret of the Gemini is that he is able to unify the scattered elements of their personality into a holistic self.

He is slim, sometimes a bit long-limbed built and radiates the charm of eternal youth! Even with over 60 he still looks like 50! The Gemini man has skillful hands, a healthy dose of curiosity and is interested in many different things at once! Attention: This man is often under high tension! He is a rogue and jokester who like to make fun of others with his playful way (and not always on the nice tour)!

It is said to be superficial and fickle. You have to know your fleeting nature, dual personality, and Mercury traits well enough to understand it properly. He lives for the moment, in the immediate present.

He does not take things so tragically, does not burden himself with his fellow man and adapts wonderfully to all circumstances. All professions dealing with contacts and trades are inherently favored: he is a good salesman, a very good merchant, a wonderful flying dealer (at market stalls).

But you can also find him in the teaching profession, in politics or in journalism, because he has an extraordinary linguistic talent and a good writing style. A Gemini lady stays young for a long time, though she often leads a chaotic and complicated life. But she needs that stress and cannot live without him.

He is a tireless workhorse, though he actually makes a dilatant impression. A Gemini copes with his projects with flying colors, and not only because he is brilliant and extremely enduring: He also constantly makes the right encounters – either by chance or deliberately brought about by him!

He is like a butterfly: flighty, light, carefree and carefree. He is extremely distrustful of love. Is not it terrible to be tied to just one person? Once he has gained enough experience, however, he is quite willing to bond with a more stable woman. A down to earth lady who helps him gains a foothold in reality. Twins are mostly very lively people, who are interested in the most different topics.

Despite their mental agility they are said to have a certain superficiality. This alleged superficiality, however, is only due to the fact that their sheer inexhaustible drive makes them want to always explore new things. Twins question everything and are very communicative. They are interesting conversation partners and welcome guests at every party. Born in Gemini’s Gemini love its freedom and do not like to feel constrained.

Therefore, they also want to maintain their independence in their relationships. People with the star sign Gemini like to flirt and have a very sensual charisma, this applies to both men and women.

His poor partner will certainly join in. He is not a faithful husband and enjoys being loved by others. In a way, that contributes to his self-affirmation. He is a tireless workhorse, though he actually makes a dilatant impression. A Gemini copes with his projects with flying colors, and not only because he is brilliant and extremely enduring:

He also constantly makes the right encounters – either by chance or deliberately brought about by him.

She has style and moves – like her male alter ego – nimble and agile in sweeping steps away. She is the star of all glamorous parties and dresses in the great fashion designers and prêt-à-porter houses. It has a delicate, often triangular-shaped face. A Gemini lady stays young for a long time, though she often leads a chaotic and complicated life. But she needs that stress and cannot live without him.

Definitely his talents lay in his job. The work compensates for the unstable and disjointed private life again. The feeling chaos arises because the Gemini representative is always indecisive: Should I commit myself binding or rather not?

She possesses, like the man of her zodiac sign, a special talent for contacts and trade: She is an excellent spokeswoman or clerk. Usually she is attracted to journalism and the media. In the world of drama, art, theater, music and painting, there are many Gemini.

Gemini believes for a long time to be made for life as a mother and a wife, with everything that goes with it: an organized home, receiving friends … As long as she sticks to this superficial healing world scheme, it is very likely that she is bored to death and unhappy.

Gemini – Lucky Color

Gemini lucky color is Red. This powerful color is common and the history of red dates back centuries. The history of red and the actuality of this color in fashion is difficult to determine the beginning because it dragged on centuries through different fabrics – it was worn by kings and poor, sinners and saints, warriors and prostitutes …

It associates us with love, femininity, passion – enthusiastic and powerful, We mark something that is forbidden and some connect with the devil. We will certainly agree that red is an inevitable color and a ubiquitous factor not only of fashion and style, but also of everything around us.

It is believed that the Mexican Aztec presented this color to the world. Aztec received this color from the cochine, an insect that inhabits subtropical regions. The color was obtained by scrubbing the dried bodies of the female of this insect.

After the arrival of the Spaniards to Mexico in the early 16th century, Koquinas became the world’s major export to Europe. The Spaniards collected bugs by removing them from cactus plants and then dried. Dried bugs were then shipped to Europe. Initially, only a rich stock could afford the costly color of these insects, and when synthetic colors were created, red became easily accessible.

In some cultures, red was reserved exclusively for powerful people, while ordinary citizens were not allowed to wear red colors. If you then saw someone in red in Japan or Italy, it would be clear to you – this is a person from a high society.

Red and Gold was another popular combination of colors during the Victorian era. Seamless red dresses were imported into golden patterns including a gilded lace, beads, buttons, tassels or braids. Throughout the Middle Ages, red was completely dominant. The famous Emperor Charles the Great painted his palace in red, wore red shoes and even said he had red hair.

In the middle Ages, blue was a woman’s color, which in Christianity, because of the Virgin Mary, signified her chastity and purity while the red was male – signified power and war. But things soon turn around – blue becomes male (because it is more discreet), and red links to women for passion and elegance. Traces of this are seen today – blue for boys and pink for girls.

In the 17th century in France, red was the color of power. French historian Jon Dehin says the red color is associated with luxurious palaces, most notably Versailles. Louis XIV is certainly among the most important Frenchmen – a man who was very proud of his feet. Louis XIV wore trousers to his knees and silk stockings. His styles, which were quite high for a man – were mostly red.

Fashion and film have always galloped together, as eternally dependent on each other: if the film is a historical one, it is obliged to faithfully display the mode of that era, and if it is contemporary, fashion will impose a task and new styles.

At the same time, it is sexy but also simply elegant – the dress of Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman. This and a similar model of famous stars are still worn on a red carpet, but also on other occasions. Some movies are remembered for details that are later kept as a reminder of the uniqueness and success of the film – one of these details is definitely the red shoes from the film The Wizard of Oz. A number of film variations have been recorded and made on the novel, both feature films and animated films, and the red shoes worn by Judy Garland almost could have been forgotten.

For the needs of the film, six or seven pairs were made, and there were two variations: with beads and shingles. Apparently, the first model, somewhat oriental with pearls, did not fit Dorothy, who was a village girl. The beads were replaced with seals that were approximately 2300 in each.

Today, three pairs are preserved – the original worn by Judy, one pair for the actress who was an alternate and the couple used to record close-ups.

Daily Lucky Color – Gemini

Every Zodiac sign has its lucky color in general and a daily lucky color they should wear at certain days to give them that extra boost of positive energy and luck.


Wearing red on a Monday is a must for every Gemini. This is their lucky color and wearing it means they will attract much more positive energy than usual. This color symbolizes passion, love and strong emotions.


White is the perfect color for a Gemini on a Tuesday. Wearing this color is going to make every Gemini twice as luckier than usual. White symbolizes spirituality and purity.


Blue is the symbol of truth, balance and spirituality. Wearing blue on a Wednesday is the luckiest option for every Gemini.


Green fits every Gemini best on a Thursday. This color is symbolic for rejuvenation, youth and nature.


Friday should be topped off with a copper color. Wearing it will make every Gemini win a person’s heart or close a business deal on a Friday.


Make the weekend more vibrant with this beautiful color that symbolizes air, freedom and beauty.


Gemini should wear Aquamarine on a Sunday because it will make this sign extra attractive and in a good mood.