Lucky Colour For Cancer Today

Person who celebrates his birthday between the 22nd of June and the 22nd of July, has the sign Cancer. The sensitive Cancer cares devotedly for its fellow human beings, but unfortunately it can also become somewhat possessive.

Cancers are considered very family-oriented and long for a stable and above all harmonious life. But even the sensitive cancers have their corners and edges.

General Description of the Cancer Sign

Cancers are very emotional people who love to protect their friends and relatives from the real and supposed pitfalls of life. For others, cancer always has an open ear and good advice in store, but it cannot always solve its own problems. People with the sign of Cancer are often worried and need a lot of time to fully trust someone. But once he has closed a person in his heart, he walks with him through thick and thin.

The downsides of the sensitive and affectionate cancer are his great affection, which sometimes seems possessive and his jealousy. He needs the constant confirmation of being loved, which can be very tiring for his partners and his family in the long run. If the cancer-born is not exactly busy with his fears and fears, he can be a very good friend, charming companion and buddy stealing his horse.

But it can happen again and again that cancers withdraw and need some time for them. During a long walk or listening to music in the bedroom, they organize their thoughts and prepare themselves for all upcoming tasks.

Cancer men are very complex characters that combine much light and shadow in their being. Male cancers are tough and very resistant, but on the other hand, they are also sentimental dreamers, constantly pondering and brooding about problems. Who is with a cancer man together, gets a sensitive partner who wants to lay the world at your feet. Cancer men like to protect their wives and daughters, but they can also be prone to jealous attacks. Male cancers are generally attractive to women; they are charming, witty and good listeners. Their minds are sharp and for the family life he goes above and beyond.

The dream man cancer also has its weaknesses. He can quickly become confused and difficult to separate from old habits. His apartment is full of old memorabilia and he prefers to spend a holiday in the same place every year. Many cancer men are still closely associated with their old sandbox friends and give much to their views. The mother also plays a major role in the lives of most male cancers and is always involved in important decisions. Much to the displeasure of one or the other partner of the crayfish.

Female cancers are capable of very deep feelings and dream of the very great love. They’ve seen every romantic movie at least once and shed one or two tears. Cancer Women are extremely sensitive and to protect themselves from the rigors of everyday life, surrounded them early in life with a protective armor of cool indifference and flee into a fantasy world.

Many of their fellow human beings only realize after a while how sensitive the Cancer Lady really is. The first flirting may be extremely timid and restrained, but anyone who has ever looked behind the facade of the brittle beauty will fall in love with a caring and devoted woman who will once make an ideal wife and mother. But to conquer her, man has to put a lot of effort.

The cancer woman is loyal to her friends, her partner, and her family, and she will tear herself away for her. You can confidently entrust her with a secret without having to worry about gossip. If the female cancer feels loved and secure, he can be an excellent and passionate lover, but one night stands and affairs are usually not the cancer woman. A big weakness of the cancer women are their strong mood swings, which can cost their partners ever the last nerve.

Cancer – Lucky Color

Lucky color for everyone born under the Zodiac sign of Cancer is white and sometimes silver color. White color, like the opposite black, can be placed on two ends of the chromatic scale. Since the white absolute color, which has no other variations, except those that go from dull to glossy, it signifies either the absence or the set of colors. White color is either at the beginning or at the end of daylight and the visible world, which gives it an ideal asymptotic value.

But the end of life – the time of death – is also the passing time, the moment between the visible and the invisible, and thus the second departure is also colored in white. White the candidate’s color, i.e. the one who will change the status (public service candidates dressed in white). In determining the color of the main sides of the world, it is normal that most people take white for the color of the East and the West, two ultimate and mysterious points where the sun – the stars of daily thought – is born and dying every day.

Symbolism of the Color White

White is in both cases a boundary value, just as the two ends of the infinite line of the horizon. White is the color of the passage, in the sense of the rituals of the passage: the white color is the privileged color of the rituals that change it will be according to the classic scheme of each initiation: death and new birth. The white color of the west is the dim light of death that will be taken away and brought into the moonlight, cold and feminine world; leads to absenteeism, into a nighttime void, to the disappearance of consciousness and daydreaming.

The white color of the east is the color of return: it is the whiteness of the scroll when the heavenly vault again appears, yet without color, but full of the possibilities of manifestation, when the source of all energy, microcosm and macrocosm was re-filled, as the passage through the night’s womb electric batteries. One color comes from shiny to damped, the other rises from striped to shiny.

These two moments, these two whites are empty, floating, between absence and presence, between the moon and the sun, between the two faces of the saint, between its two sides. The entire symbolism of white color and its rituals derives from such an observation of the nature from which all human cultures have built their philosophical and religious systems.

The painter V. Kandinsky, for whom the problem of color far surpassed the problem of aesthetics, was best expressed: White color, which we often consider non-color, is as a symbol of a world where all colors, as properties of material substances, have disappeared. White works on our soul as absolute silence. That silence is not death; it is full of living possibilities. It is nothing much youthful joy, or rather, nothing before each birth, before every beginning. So maybe the cold and white country was responding to the days of the ice age. It’s hard to describe the dawn better without naming it.

In every symbolic thought, death precedes life and every birth is a new birth. That is why the white color is originally the color of death and mourning. It is still so in the East today and it has been in Europe for a long time, especially at the court of the Frankish kings.

In a peculiar form of pale white color is opposed to red: it is the color of a vampire that seeks blood – a condition for the daily world – which is withdrawn from it. It is the color of the deadly mantle of all the saints and all the invasions; it is color – or before the absence of color – dwarf Oberon, Alberica of Nibelung, King Albay and Elf. This is the color of the ghosts, and the first white man who appeared at Bantua in southern Cameroon was called the Nango-kon, the albinos-phantom, and at first all the people he met flew away from him in horror; when they became convinced of his peaceful intentions, everyone returned to ask him how his deceased relatives were; they obviously thought that he knew them because they came from the land of the dead. It is often, according to M. Elided, in the rites of initiating the white color of the first stage, which is the struggle against death.

We’d rather say it’s the color of going to death. In this sense, the West is white for the West, because, as we know, their faith considered that the human life and coherence of the world were completely conditioned by the sun’s path. The West, on which the daylight star disappears, was called the house of fog; He represented death, that is, the entrance to the invisible.

Because of this, warriors who were killed every day to ensure the restoration of the sun were taken to a victim decorated with white paper and wrapped in white sandals. The sandals shared them from the earth and showed that they no longer belong to this world, but also to the other: white is the color of the first steps of the soul before the battles of the warriors. All the gods of the Aesthetic Pantheon, whose sacrifices celebrate the myth before the new birth, wear white decorations.

For the same reasons, the Pueblo Indians put white on the east, because the east covers the terms of autumn, earth depth and faith.

In this sense, white as the color of the east is not a solar color. White is not the color of the dawn, but the color of the dawn, the moment of complete emptiness between the night and the day, when the inner world still covers every reality: it will be still stiff as it floats in a hollow and passive whiteness; therefore, it is the time of the investigation, sudden abductions and executions, in which, according to ancient customs, the prisoner wears a white shirt – a shirt of obedience and availability.

Daily Lucky Color – Cancer


On Mondays Cancers should wear the color green. This color is a symbol of rejuvenation, nature, rebirth and freedom.


Tuesday, for Cancers, are reserved for the color Blue. This color is a symbol of truth, balance and Harmony.


Purple symbolizes royalty, beauty and spirituality. This color should be worn by Cancers in the middle of the week.


White is Cancer’s happy color. This color should be worn by them every day, but Thursday is especially lucky for them.


This vibrant color should be worn on a Friday by Cancers if they want to attract positive vibes and luck.


Silver jewelry is recommended to be worn every day by Cancers, but Saturday especially.


Grey color should be worn on Sunday, to attract the last few rays of happiness into Cancer’s week.