Lucky Colour For Aries Today

The symbol shows the power emanating from a point and radiating its energy like a fountain. This image shows up in nature as new sprouts grow – piercing the shell with full force. The symbol can also be seen as a representation of the horns of Aries – the horned, the martial, and the self-assertion.

Likewise, one can see strong eyebrows and a nose in it, which is an indication of a strong personality. With the outward-directed parts of the arches, the ram gets its place in society.

General description of the Aries sign

“Here I am!” says the ram; It was quiet, but now comes new life and bustle in the round. The ram realizes its energy without much “letdown”. He wants to sit down and step out. This is the sign of the personality. His primary qualities are tense energy, initiative, pride, courage, and aspiration. Obstacles really spur him on to achievements or they are simply overrun. His I-emphasized, extraverted and generous nature needs freedom and independence.

The Aries can organize himself and has rousing and pulsating activity. His disposition to self-assertion and individuality may indicate irritability, inclination to violence, effervescence and even vengefulness. The principle that pushes for development is based on the force that works from the inside to the outside. Therefore, the will shows in pioneering spirit and quick deeds. The ram pierces the shell with force; there are scraps and splinters; also violation of the borders and the pushing into foreign area that build its character.

Victories, aspirations and leadership; the unreachable appeals to him. He likes to command and has to be careful that he does not overestimate himself, become foolhardy or seem stubborn and incorrigible. Anger and rage, also power struggles and too much externals can be disturbing.

The ram must be “spiritually reborn” through information and communication. But he alone knows what to do and runs his head slightly through the wall. His quick and immediate impulse gives him great strength; his attack is quick and sudden; the “enemy” must not come to their senses. The ram is sharp and cutting in the words.

But the ram has something short, unique and clear. His walk is close to marching, which corresponds to the will to stand on his own feet. He is the typical individualist, likes to work hard, efficiently and alone, or independently. Typical ram phrases are: “I push things through” or “I can handle it.” It can come to burning egoism. The ram tears, it is based on the big line and less on the little things or on the decoration.

Aries wants to be free and decide for himself, that’s in his blood. But often he comes in dependence, for example in a managerial position, where he cannot act as freely as he really wants. Over time, Aries realize that a kind of service or service is indispensable in the management as well. Aries are individualists and therefore like to work alone, but since they do not like to be told, they naturally strive for the position they are in, where they cannot decide on their own. The sign opposite to Aries is Libra, the principle of partnership.

Aries is about assertiveness, a spirit of optimism and instinctual instincts. Aries act out of joy at the mission, want to conquer something new, he feels inspired by competition. He wants to reach his place in society through initiative and action. He learns that cooperation continues as a blind atavism, but he must discipline himself and keep his aggression or impatience in suspense.

He possesses assertiveness, self-assertion, activity, courage and has the ability to take initiative. He develops real leadership skills and is very purposeful. He uses his energies constructively. The ram is a natural person who can live out their physical urges.

Keywords: Enforcement, self-assertion, spontaneity, purposefulness, enthusiasm, courage, passion, wanting to lead, rapid determination.

He gets involved permanently in dispute and attacks at the slightest occasion. He marks the strong hero. He has difficulty due to premature and recklessness. He is selfish and aggressive. Keywords: recklessness, premature, quarrelsome, affect, aggression, acute, heat, risk, rivalry, attack, intrusion, will, anger, impetuosity – later regret, little care.

The opposite of the Aries qualities: One is at the mercy of the egoism and aggression of others. You need to develop an initiative and prevail your weakness. Weak ego forces him to do things he regrets. He needs the environment to reflect and assert him. Thus, the ram can neglect his relationships and also his origin, because he does not like to burden himself with problems. The liberal orientation of the ram does not fit the “bondage” of the marriage.

Aries – Lucky Color

Aries main color is red. This strong and powerful color represents everything this sign is about. The passionate, strong, powerful and vibrant red is the color that every Ram should be wearing as his lucky color. Every shade of red can be used as a lucky Aries color.

Red is the color of fire or blood. In Hebrew, the words blood and red have the same origin: red means “adom” and blood means “dam”. Blood and fire have both a positive and a negative occupation. Hatred, war, aggression and bloodshed are all about strength, love, warmth and passion. The glowing blood red of the ancient Greeks was the color of the Greek war gods Phoebus and Ares. The biblical Adam was created from red earth. In the early cultures, the dark red of the blood was assigned to the feminine. Mother Earth donated the red ocher to which life-sustaining forces were credited.

Symbolism of the color Red

In the Isenheim altar, Christ appears with a vermilion coat. The color red in Christ’s garb embodies a whole range of symbolic expressions: it is the color of the martyrs and their blood; it demonstrates power and domination over life and death, but also faith, fulfillment and love. The robe is reminiscent of a blazing flame and symbolizes in the pursuit of heaven the symbol of the divine. The head of Christ is surrounded by a yellow-orange radiance: Christ is the Redeemer of Darkness and leads us to the Light. Even today, at Pentecost, the altars are decorated in red in Catholic churches, as the color of the Holy Spirit.

Red was probably the first color that humans could perceive. In brain injuries that cause temporary blindness, during recovery, the patient first rediscovers the red before the other colors adjust. In the early history it was the most significant color of the hunt peoples. It was attributed to her life-sustaining forces, which led to the addition of red ocher in Stone Age burials. Thus, finds of skeletons embedded in ocher powder explain themselves. In some tombs can be found up to ten kilograms of the red pigment. The cave painters attributed magic to the red color. The word magic was baptized in the Old Norse language and is related to the Anglo-Saxon word teafor red ocher. It is likely that they deliberately painted the animals with red ocher or iron oxide red to magically conjure their fertility.

The belief that the color red protects against evil influences was widespread. Objects, trees and animals were therefore painted with red paint. The warriors colored their axes and spear-throwers with red paint to give the weapons magical powers of magic. This custom is still common today among the Aborigines in Australia. It is believed that the hunters of the Stone Age and later also the Germanic warriors dipped their weapons or even themselves in the blood of the slain animals, like the hero of the Siegfried saga. The gladiators of Rome drank the blood of their dying enemies to absorb their powers.

Other peoples bathed newborns in the blood of especially beautiful and vigorous animals. Even many later peoples wore red painted amulets or red gems like the garnet or the ruby ​​as protection against the “evil eye”. It was believed that wearing a red ruby ​​made the wearer invulnerable. Even in the middle Ages red bedding was still used in Germany, as it was supposed to help with “red diseases” such as fever, rash or miscarriage. The color green in the robe of the bride symbolizes the love.

Daily Lucky Color – Aries

Aries main color is red. This strong and powerful color represents everything this sign is about. The passionate, strong, powerful and vibrant red is the color that every Ram should be wearing as his lucky color. Every shade of red can be used as a lucky Aries color. Besides having one main lucky color, every day has its own lucky color we should wear if we want to get the maximum out of it.

When it comes to Aries, colors are mostly warm-toned and vibrant, just like his personality.


This vibrant color symbolizes strong emotions, passion, energy, vibrancy and beauty. Wearing orange color on a Monday is going to boost your energy overall and make you desirable both in emotional and business way. This color is especially recommended if you have an important business meeting or you have a date with someone special.


Tuesday is Aries’s lucky day so it is quite obvious that his special lucky color is the one he should wear on that day. Red will bring out his vibrant character and his aggressive nature but in a positive way. Make sure you strap yourself in red when you have an important business meeting or a special date in the evening, because red is going to bring you all the luck you need.


This vibrant color is the perfect one for Wednesday. In the middle of the week we need something energetic to get us moving and give us enough power to withstand the rest of the week. Wear Magenta and have everybody’s eyes on you Ram.


Scarlett is a rich color that simply yells power, femininity and royalty. Wearing Scarlett on a Thursday is a perfect win because you will feel powerful and ready to take on the challenges of the day.


Friday is the day for a party therefore you should wear the color pink to mark this happy day. Aries feels best in his warm toned colors, so make sure you are feeling your best, especially if you are planning on going out that evening. All eyes will be on you.


Yellow symbolizes happiness, energy, sunshine and positive energy. This color is the color you should wear on a Saturday, because it is going to bring even more positive energy to your weekend. This color also symbolizes friendship, so it might attract new people in your life.


Burgundy is a rich color and you should wear at the end of the week on Sunday. This color symbolizes power, royalty and passion. Every Aries is going to feel best in any tone of the color red, so make yourself feel good in your skin by choosing this rich and strong color.