Lucky Colour For Aquarius Today

People who have their birthday between the 21st of January and the 19th of February are assigned to the star sign Aquarius.

The characters born in this zodiac sign are extremely imaginative and have an intelligent mind. But what other strengths characterize the Aquarius and which of its weaknesses drive the fellow man of the Aquarius in the madness?

Typical properties of Aquarius

Aquarians are freedom-loving people who are always on the lookout for the next big idea. They want to realize themselves and make use of their life task mainly their mind. They can spend hours brooding over new ideas, but unfortunately they do not actually put each of these ideas into action. Standstill is not a condition in which people of the star sign Aquarius like to be. They are extremely forward-looking and yet do not shy away from looking into the past.

The great philosophers, the most important events in history and the current world events have them firmly in view. They like to work for higher goals and cannot stand intolerance. Aquarians are extremely well read, but very sociable. They are often found in clubs or clubs where they exchange views with like-minded people about their interests.

They like to surround themselves with people who spiritually challenge them and have a large circle of friends. Nevertheless, their independence is very important to them and they regularly need time for themselves. Too much physical proximity, some watermen are initially skeptical.

Although people with the star sign Aquarius are basically very sociable, they also have their own lewd tendencies. They have their own views and are difficult to convince of an opposite opinion. This quality, combined with a great desire for freedom, does not make it easy for Aquarians in love. The urge of Aquarius to always get to the bottom of things and to realize oneself can also stand in the way of a harmonious and stable relationship.

Male watermen have a balanced, open-minded and optimistic outlook on outsiders. That is also true. But in terms of women, they are rather shy and introverted. If you keep an eye on an Aquarius – Man, you should not wait for him to take the first step. The path into the heart of Aquarius leads over his mind.

Only those who mentally stimulate Aquarius have the chance to win it for themselves. It may take longer for a male Aquarius to feel passion or love for a partner, but once conquered; the relationship with him can be intense.

The Aquarius man is very attractive to women because of his quick wit and intellect. But due to his research, he is often interested in more than one woman. Who wants to build a lasting relationship with a male Aquarius, who should build a friendship with him? This usually lasts a lifetime.

Male Aquarians like to discuss passionately and often take the opinion of the opposition. With this they sometimes turn to their fellow men, because their views defend them with all vehemence. An Aquarius man feels very comfortable in nature and can recharge his empty batteries there. He likes to go for long walks on the beach or in the forest on his own. So he can best ponder his latest ideas.

Spontaneous, intelligent and original, these qualities best describe the nature of a female Aquarius. They are real visionaries who would love to tell the world about their ideas. Violating conventions and displaying their individuality does not bother female Aquarius. This leads to the fact that their fellow humans either cannot do anything with her or you decay without restraint.

The Aquarius woman has a stunning effect on the male world because she is so independent, spontaneous and exciting. But what seems attractive at the beginning of a relationship can become tiring over time. Because too much closeness the Aquarius woman cannot stand.

In terms of work and hobbies, the female Aquarius is very jumpy. She always has new ideas and likes to get involved in the lives of her friends, of course just to make it better. The well-being of others is very important to female Aquarius, sometimes overshooting the target in their efforts. This sometimes brings trouble to the Aquarius woman.

Aquarius – Lucky Color

Lucky color for every Aquarius is Blue. This color has a strong symbolic meaning and it is one of the Basic Colors. The blue (cobalt blue or ultramarine blue in heraldry) is represented in black and white form by a horizontal hatching. As with the treatment of the vertically hatched red (s.d.) executed, the horizontal line as Urs symbol means the female principle.

First, the lying route is a symbol of the horizon and the earth’s surface, then the calm, blue water level. In the sign language of the Traveling People (“tines”), the horizontal stroke is the invitation to surrender, to lay down the arms, to give themselves “female”. The vertical line, on the other hand, calls for “masculine” behavior, resistance, struggle, and by referring to the sky and the sea, blue points to the infinite, to eternity.

Symbolism of the color Blue

The color blue is also attributed to truth and strength and thus loyalty and stability. Blue is also a symbol of faithfulness in Middle High German poetry, in which “Frau Staete”, the allegory of continuity, wears a blue throw, so blue is the color of the sacrament of marriage We know blue as the color of forget-me-not – apparently a derivation to the blue-resonant loyalty thoughts – as well as the cornflower, to which we devote our own consideration (sd).

The lighter the blue, the more it symbolizes purity; hence the light blue cloak of Mary. Her frequent representation on the crescent moon also makes blue appear as a suitable color for Mary. For the baby Jesus, the blue forms a tender, soothing, cooling environment.

In addition, the silver of the crescent moon occurs. As we have seen above, silver is the “female” of the two metals, and the moon is the “female” of the two stars. It is therefore not surprising that the colors blue and white are found on the badges and flags of the Marian Congregation. Blue can also be found in the arms of Maria Taferl, the coat of arms of the late Pope John Paul II (where the letter M stands for Maria) and Maria Wörth:

The color combination of gold and blue was also chosen for the honorary cross awarded to many thousands of mothers of the German mother: Both the cross and the band were kept in the combination of blue and white.

As the color of the universe, blue can also become the color of the god of the rulers – as in Wotan, who wears a blue coat in the Edda, the Norse heroic epic. Blue was associated with Jupiter, and many Egyptian gods wore blue beards. As the color of the sky, blue is a deep psychological symbol for mental relaxation and superior life.

If the connotation turns into negative, Blue first signals the unreal, fantastic – as in the “Blue Flower” of Romanticism, that in Novalis (“Heinrich von Ofterdingen”) as a sign of an insatiable longing for the distant and for the romance par excellence stands. Compare also: “drive into the blue”, “talk into the blue”, “tell the blue of the sky”.

The color blue provides protection and repels negative (including insects!), it is considered apotropaic, so evil repellent; maybe that’s why it’s as popular as the signal color of emergency vehicles.

In the middle Ages the good angels (in red) faced bad angels (in blue). Also in Islam, blue is the color of the criminals on the last day. As an “antidote”, blue amulets (eyes) are still used today in the Orient as a means against the evil eye.

Blue was the color of the Spanish Falange and the Irish fascists: In contrast to the black of the Italian fascists, the Spanish Falange leader Primo de Rivera decided on the occasion of his election for “Caudillo” on October 6, 1934:

“The Falange de las J. O. N. S. must now be more than ever a closed, firm and manly organization. For us, a simple, strict and proletarian shirt color is appropriate. I hereby order that we wear a blue shirt. ”

In Ireland, in 1931, a “National Guard” was formed, which was uniformed in blue and used the fascist salute, from which emerged the “United Ireland Party” whose “youth league” also cultivated fascist forms in line with the mainland.

The “blue gap” of the working world (see “blue collar workers”) apparently exercised a strong influence on the symbolic strategy of “proletarian” organizations. The blue shirt has remained to this day a symbol of the communist – in part also youth socialist – youth organizations. After the end of the Second World War, blue was used in the now obsolete communist sphere of power as a universal “peace color.” A bright blue served as the primary color in numerous “World Peace Congresses” and other advertising events of the Communists. It was accompanied by the mostly white “Dove of Peace”, which goes back to ancient models.

At the present time, Blue has an important role in the international arena: as the color of the United Nations, it signals its peacemaking and peacekeeping function. “Blue Helmets” – also from Austria – stand on many ceasefire lines in three continents, but the symbolism of the European unification is based on the color blue, in a darker shade than the UN color (see also the contributions on the UN and the Europe -Symbolism.

Since about 1850, the passenger ship, which achieves the highest average speed in the Atlantic crossing, the “Blue Ribbon.” The origin of this trophy is unknown. (Formally, the “United States” this award in 1952 for the last time conquered, although the same ship in the With an average of 42 nautical miles / hour, it surpassed its own record again in August 1968.) Famous ships such as the “Lusitania”, the “Bremen”, the “Normandy” and the “Queen Mary” also led the Blue Ribbon.

Daily Lucky Color – Aquarius

Every Zodiac sign has his lucky color for every day, just like he has one in general. Aquarius’s lucky colors vary from one day to another, and we are going to list them below. Wearing your lucky color on a specific day can have a huge impact on your attractiveness and charm.


Wearing color Blue as his lucky color on his lucky day is important. So if you want to attract the most of good luck, wear Blue on Mondays.


Green symbolizes rejuvenation and is a lucky color for every Aquarius on a Tuesday.


Another color of the sky and water for this air sign is a great idea and a lucky color for a Wednesday.


Contrasting color to his lucky color Blue should be worn on a Thursday.


Indigo is a perfect color for Fridays, when all Aquarius’s can loosen up and relax.


All shades of Blue suit this air sign perfectly, so the baby blue color will bring him most luck on a Saturday.


White is the color of purity, spirituality and should be worn on a Sunday, to mark the end of the week.