Candle Color – Meanings and Symbolism

Candles should be burnt with intent. The energy of the incandescent candle helps to change the energy of the surrounding environment, and we just want to change it. Lighting a candle is a ritual that is common in many cultures and religions.

We light candles to pray for various things like jobs and for the improvement of relationships. The sheer power of lighting a candle can mean so much to us, and we can almost feel the changes pouring into our life.

It is useful to scoop some fragrant oil before burning. Or, if you do not have anything else, do it for example with olive oil. We start rubbing the candle out of the middle and rubbing it to the north (top) point in it to impress the thought of intention we want to achieve. We always roam in the same direction, seven times mentally repeating our goal.

After that, again from the middle, seven times we sweep the candle in the direction of the south, or towards its bottom, exactly impressing the thoughts of what we want to achieve. When we put the candle with oil on it, we fall and leave it in a safe place to come to an end.

It is important to remember:

The candle does not have to be some special size, but it is good to take care of the color matching and the intention of the ignition.

Candle Color Meaning

  • YELLOW – for exams and creativity
  • GREEN – for money and fertility
  • GOLD – for self-confidence, wealth and protection
  • RED – for love, passion, physical strength
  • ORANGE- for passion
  • PINK- love
  • SUCCESS – for tenderness, love, friendship, love with emotions
  • BLUE – for truth, wisdom, healing
  • PURPLE- for contact with the spiritual world, psychic abilities and psychic healing
  • SILVER – for the power of women’s energy, emotional stability, intuition
  • WHITE candles can replace any other color.
  • SMALL, BLACK – CAUTION!!! – They’re like bullets!

Important notes

In the candle it is possible to carve the symbols: the heart for love, the sign of the euro or the dollar or the penny for money (or simply print the name of the currency). One candle for one wish, never use the candle already used for a new wish.

The candle is better to fire with matches than lighter. If it is impossible for some reason to let the candle burn to the end, you can turn it off and return it again, but with the same intent. Keep the candle light on in a fully enclosed bowl so that dissolved wax remains in it and thus reduce the risk of open flame.

Days to Light Candles On

SUNDAY (Day of the Sun): vitality, success, strength, glory, day for the destruction of negativity

Candle: Golden – for self-confidence, orange – for strength, vitality, gratitude

MONDAY (Day of the Moon): Peace, healing, compassion, fertility, purification, care, day for feelings

Candle: white, silver

TUESDAY (Day of Mars): passion, courage, protection, day for initiative, determination, energy

Candle: red

WEDNESDAY (the day of the Mercury): a conscious mind, learning, journey, wisdom, planning day, communication, lecture, Wednesday is a mental-business, private meeting, intellectual

Candle: yellow

THURSDAY (Jupiter’s Day): Money, Expansion, Progress, Generosity, Happiness Day

Candle: green – for money

FRIDAY (Venus Day): love, beauty, enjoyment, day to fulfill desire

Candle: apricot color for love, red for love, passion, pink for tenderness, love, friendship

SATURDAY (day of Saturn): longevity, foundation, commitment, day of dedication

Candle: white, dark blue – linked to the third eye, protection, truth, honest relationship

How To Use Candles for Prayer?

Everyone can use candles to get them through hard times once in a while. When praying, the candle has to be brand new and the one nobody has used it. It is imperative to avoid the ignition of a candle that has already been used for other purposes. And do not transfer the candles (even for decorations) to other rooms in the house, because it has an atmosphere in the spot that it is illuminated in.

With candle ignition and asking questions or desired answers, there should not be a person at that point: anger, jealousy, and repetition in the middle of the candle lighting, as it is the carrier of negative energy and will only be badly affected. The Tibetan monks often light the candle before they fall into alignment with the arms and mantras, so they are integrated in their intentions. They use essential oils, prayers or shouts. The best effect has the lavender oil and for love then it is rose oil.

What does the ritual entail?

Place a candle, dip your finger with oil, wipe the exact direction you chose. Using the power of the oil coat call for your wish, let the candle vanish entirely, then call for your wish again and concentrate deeply on the things you want to see come true. Make sure there is no negative energies around you and that no one is bothering you.

Candle is burned. Ignition should be done exclusively with a match and not with a lighter. Leave for a few hours and don’t open windows and let the air change. The question is “yes” or “no”. Like “Do you love me”? “Are I under black magic”? Will I be employed “? Etc…. Sit still and look at the candle If the right side is burning faster than the left side, the answer is” yes. “If it does the opposite, the answer is” no. “Candles to determine the future impact, the right side indicates happiness, however, if the left side is burning faster than the right, the odds are not the best, know some of these signs:

– Yellow flame if it burns constantly: happiness comes to you.

– Flame low: it is not time to make a wish.

– Flame weakened: it is necessary to strengthen your request.

– Blue Flame: Looks for patience as your request will be held soon.

– Red flame: The request is executed.

– Flame rising and falling: Expect the period very disadvantageous and burnout.

– A flame that loses sparks in the air: anxiety or disappointment before the application is performed.

– Flame that looks like a spiral: someone close to the head and disturbs the life…


It is a blend of all colors that is based on the present, spirituality, meditation, prose, exorcism, magic. Includes healing, peace, purity, optimism, sanctification, truth, spiritual power, moonlight energy, cleansing, health, power. In principle, everything is best used, and when the color that matches the request is unknown. Day of the week: Wednesday.


The light of this candle is used to gain mental strength, increase confidence, enthusiasm, attractiveness and success. Refers to vitality, well-being, leadership, the pursuit of success. Negatively, through this candle you get the stimulation of negative energy, it also means that a person is experiencing a career in professional goals, justice and success. In principle it is for business. Working day: Wednesday.


To attract money or materiality. Provides greater power of concentration, which is very useful for those who tend to slow down in learning, intellectual activities. The yellow candle is also indicated for the magic of attraction, whether for love or friendship. It favors the charm and power of persuasion. Connected with solar energy, the yellow candle brings inspiration. Intellect, creativity, power of concentration. Magic involves trust, attraction, charm, conviction. Day: Wednesday.


It raises joy and playfulness, used to attract energy. Planet Jupiter. Spiritual rituals that require light, harmony, peace, health, dreams, magic include honor, kindness, peace, truth, knowledge, protection during sleep, stability, includes prophetic dreams, peace, creativity, patience, work stability, wisdom, occult power, protection, understanding, loyalty, harmony and patience. Working day: Thursday.


It is used to attract harmony, broaden the mind, inner peace. It also promotes health, creativity, patience, wisdom, loyalty, understanding, good feeling and pursuit of truth. It is a true candle for magic in order to ensure harmony and stability in employment. They are used in rituals that require high state of meditation, neutralizing what somebody is doing, unwanted competition. Saturn energy. Working day: Thursday.


This candle has energy focused on material affairs. This is useful for solving problems with judicial issues related to inheritance and property, and other practical issues. It is used for those who need to overcome indecency and engage deeper into their goals. It can be used to attract family protection. Day of the week: Wednesday.


It is used to destroy good relationships, and opens the way to failure. The worst candle. It also serves to destroy positive thoughts.

Candle Symbolism

In Catholic meaning the burning candle as a light source is in close symbolic connection to the sun and its light as the source of all life, but is also like light in general a symbol of consciousness, of the spiritual. She belongs with her flame to the symbol circle of the fire. In the winter season, it brings brightness, security and warmth into the darkness as light. The candle can also be understood as the light of life of a person.

As the candle consumes itself while it gives off its light, it also becomes a symbol of the passing life and symbolizes the uncertainty of life as something easily extinguishable. In the Edda, there was the belief that you could defeat the dead spirits with candlelight. At the Winter Solstice (Saturnalfa), candles were poured in Rome to support the battle of light against darkness.

In Orthodox Christianity of the East, three interconnected candles represent the Holy Trinity, two interconnected candles represent the double nature of Christ. In Judaism, the seven-branched candelabrum means the divine presence, the foot of the candlestick is also interpreted as the world tree and the axis mundi, the seven arms as sun, moon and planets, as the seven days of the week, the seven stars of the Great Bear or the seven cycles or powers in the world. In Kabbalistic, three candles or candlesticks embody wisdom, strength and beauty. The idea of ​​the symbol in Christianity, to see Jesus as the sun of righteousness and light of the world, promoted the use of the candle as a symbol of light and light. The candle is used during the service, at funerals, at special festivals (Easter, baptism, Advent, Christmas) and in processions.

Candles lit at death illuminate its darkness and represent the light in the world to come; they play an important role in Catholic meanings and most oriental burial rites. The candle also represents a symbol for the relationship of spirit & spirit. Matter (the wax-consuming / flame) “When burning candle” is a medieval legal term, occasionally the candle. Used as a clock in elections and auctions. “Light the candle at both ends” means using its life force too much. “Letting go of a candle in the wind” means having no life force left to die.

In the fairy tale “The Nightingale Pirate” means the lighting of the candle as a life light, the life renewal of the heroine. In the fairy tale “The Grim Reaper”, personified death in an underground cave guards candles as burning livelihoods of people and has the power to determine their lives and deaths. Lighting candlelight can be understood in fairy tales as a process of becoming conscious and recognizing. So the hero sees by candlelight that he is married to a witch, or recognizes the heroine in the light of the candle in “East of the sun, west of the moon” that the white bear beside her (pet groom) is in reality a beautiful king’s son, whose release, however, delays in this way.

Like the sun, light and fire, the candle is a symbol of the Logos principle, the realm of consciousness, of the spiritual, of knowing and understanding. In religions it is a symbol of enlightenment, of faith, of the divine presence. As a life light that burns down, it means the transience and uncertainty of life that can easily go out like candlelight.

Like the fire, the candle is also a symbol of the Conjunction, the combination of opposites of spiritual and masculine with matter, the feminine.