Brown Moth – Meaning and Symbolism

Strength is the intuition that is used in the navigation of life (the brown moth is a nocturnal insect so that it orients and lives in darkness in the absence of concrete visual references) but so is the confidence in itself and the determination of which one is endowed with because one moves in the certainty of finding what one is looking for.

The moth, therefore, easily orients itself in the darkness of which it is absolutely dominant: it has the ability to find the light in the dark and in the dark the light also thanks to its particular sight (-> the eye of the moth).

But in the dark he sees everything and everything penetrates.

Thanks to his senses, touch, smell and hearing and above all thanks to his special wide and comb antennas, he succeeds in listening and learning from his surroundings, acquiring in short a temple of wisdom and knowledge of the secrets of the world.

The particular relationship that the big brown moth has then with the light is a relationship of life / death and the search for truth always being guided by a faith that is not blind, allowing it to avoid burning its wings.

Therefore intuition, but also reasoning in operating choices without distraction or disorientation of any kind which is the point of greatest vulnerability of this totem animal; but the conscious vulnerability then becomes its strong point if it is known and managed in a constructive way.

The significant influence of the moon, at the origin of its emotional instability, is however a cyclic instability where everything is faced and overcome in perpetual becoming.

Under the influence of the moon the brown moth becomes ethereal, subtle, creative and transparent passing through the subtle worlds of sensory and earthly experience, to the confines of invisibility in communion with the perhaps primordial of nature.

The brown moth has the power to create a vortex of evolutionary essentiality around itself as it knows the secrets of transformation in metamorphosis, with all its charge of magic and mystery; born from the idea of ​​herself knowing the art of creating a cocoon in which to defend oneself from evil; it reflects on its chrysalis condition in the transition to a new condition of existence and finally flies towards a new life to be explored as soon as the wings are built (-> Light and moths).

The brown moth knows the world of earth where it took its first steps as a caterpillar tasting the breath of plants, but is also a participant in the world of deep sleep and dream, simulacrum of death, as a pupa where he worked long to build, in wise and patient way, another me and their wings; finally he knows the brown moth resurrection, like an adult butterfly, opening with his new wings the way of the sky, that will take it everywhere his curiosity will know how to push it and guide it.

And, flying let go of its negativity and incorporates with its large antennas the positive vibrations of those who want to help. It also possesses the ability to confuse the minds of its predators by making them believe that they are in one place rather than in another, and can hear messages in the form of ultrasounds that travel in the shadows at the first nightfall in the silence of the night.

The relationship with the brevity of one’s life is instead a warning to live it intensely and then reborn in a new cycle as in the metamorphosis that, as we have mentioned, transforms the concrete caterpillar into the perceptive moth.

Finally, the female brown moth knows the art of spreading the pheromones of love in the air, behind her, to attract her lover (or hoped for) to him, knowing how to subjugate him with a sophisticated filter of love. Virtue and efficacy has full awareness and mastery.

Symbolism of the Color Brown

Brown like earth, chestnuts and toasted coffee. It is the color of craftsmanship and nature.

The name brown for the word “marro-onis”, used in medieval Latin to indicate a “big stone” but “brown” also identifies a variety of rather large chestnuts: there is certainly a very close link between this fruit and the color that distinguishes it.

Emotions and Thoughts

It is the color of the earth, of the body and of regression. Born from the fusion between red and yellow, but here are mitigated both the aggressiveness of red and the vital momentum of yellow: in brown there is a passive vitality, linked to indifference, intended as balance between body and mind, to needs and to waste.

Who chooses this color is a person who seeks stable situations and that is linked to the sensations of the body, physical and sexual well-being: moreover, he is a balanced person with a spontaneous ability to satisfy his needs.

In fact, it is attracted by physical pleasures and is kept away from discomfort, insecurity, but also from the most difficult conflicts.

Usually brown is not considered much as color, but it is used a lot when you feel the need for reassuring and calm regenerating, when you suffer a lack of stability and security. It is the color of those who leave their homeland, immigrants who constantly need a home and the security that only the family can give, to find the safety and warmth of their family and their race. It may happen that there is a real rejection for this color: this repulsion, on the one hand, identifies a certain repression both of its own stimuli and needs and, on the other hand, underlines a moment of vulnerability and weakness, sometimes true depression.

Dreaming About Moths

What does it mean if I dream of a moth? (If you want to know what it means if a house enters a brown moth -> what it means if a brown moth enters the house).

The first answer that comes to mind is that, in all probability, the night before you ate too light: you were hungry during the night but you did not want to get up.

Apart from the joke (which I could probably save), if you really want to know what, in popular belief, can dream of a moth, well (for those who believe, of course, these things), according to my personal research means first (in general) that there is your inner voice that wants to get in touch with you (with your conscious and reasoning part) but without succeeding because you are not or do not know how to listen, too caught up as you are by others commitments, or simply because you’ve stopped paying attention.

The brown moth is in fact associated with the dark side of ourselves, to the deep, intimate, often unknown part of our mind, but which manifests itself to us, in one way or another (see also -> finding a dead brown moth at home).

Now let’s see the other meanings, in particular:

Maybe the warning of your subconscious to pay attention to something (not too pleasant) that happened to you in real life but whose true meaning escapes you or escaped you: it’s like a suggestion not to neglect the details of what it has happened to you that has annoyed and indisposed you, of which, however, you have not noticed so much not even a precise memory; it could also be that you suspect someone trying to cheat you or want to hurt you, even if you did not realize it; it is therefore important to clarify what disturbs you because it creates latent impatience and dissatisfaction;

The dream could also be a spy to highlight the existence of some of your weaknesses, character flaws or a fragility of the personality or even a disease (not serious) of which you still have awareness; the oneiric representation of a brown moth could also signal you that you are spending a period of doubt and behavioral uncertainty about important choices in your existence or even that you are experiencing interpersonal conflicts for you stressful.

Brown Brown moth in the House Meaning

When the brown moth is already at home, in the act of gnawing, it may mean that you feel vulnerable, shy, introverted or not self-confident or resourceful as you would like to be; however, it may also mean that you are afraid of losing something important (like a loved one, an object, a love, but also some money for a bad deal) or feel ashamed for something you have done and forgotten or removed; if you dream that you are killing a brown moth means that there is your attitude that worries you about the repercussions it may have in your relationships; it is therefore a ‘warning’ to put you in the best conditions to correct or alleviate these problems before continuing with what you are doing.