Brown Horse – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

A horse, the noblest animal that a man has managed to tame, has been admired for a long time and represented a symbol of power, strength, freedom, endurance, and elegance. It is therefore not surprising that horses occupy a central place in the history and mythology of almost all nations, and that have always been an inspiration for both literary and artistic creators.

Let’s start from probably the best-known representative of his kind – the winged Pegasus horse, which has flown at the speed of the wind, had powerful wings and powerful hooves, and his task was to bring lightning to Zeus. Similar symbolism is carried by Golden Unicorn (i.e. Unicorn), who had the ability to cure the sick and revive the dead, as well as Centaury, by means of his magical horn, from Greek mythology, portrayed as half of men – half horses.

However, history teaches us that the most famous horse is Trojan, which saved the beautiful Helen, and who soon became a symbol of perseverance, courage and great and lasting love.

All this is probably enough to draw the following conclusion: horses are indeed a symbol of domination, perseverance, freedom, wisdom, knowledge, speed, and triumph! And if something is missing from you in the first place, get a horseshoe for the start, which has always been a symbol of happiness and protection.

As often passion and wilderness are the first association to this beautiful animal, so on the psychological plane the horse is connected with our senses (unconcerned, unconscious) that we can only tame (just like riders). Think about it when the next time you dream of a horse, and think well what it is in you that wants it to be tamed.

Symbolism of the Color Brown

Dreaming of brown indicates the earth, the nature, the physical body and its needs. It is a color devoid of phantasies and fading flights that keeps us anchored to the planet and to the security of a base on which to rest our feet. Maternal and receptive symbol alludes to the power of Mother Earth from which death and re-birth derive.

Brown color in dreams

Dreaming of brown brings a tension between the radicalism of black and the passion of red. Its meaning is played all between the two poles of death (black) and life (red) that follow each other and blend in the brown shades of brown.

To dream of the brown color is thus connected to the “base” on which the life of man is based; it is no coincidence that brown is the color of the earth on which man walks and which appears in dreams to fill vast natural areas, patches in the landscape, which is also the color of the tanned skin, of the excrement, of many animals, of trees, castles, forts, of sai and monastic tunics, of leather and saddlebags.

Dreaming of brown can indicate the need for greater contact with the earth and its rhythms, the need for rooting and immersion in nature and in matter, the need to “keep our feet on the ground”.

On the contrary, it can highlight the spread of materialism and prosaicism in the experience of the dreamer, the need to find a balance and turn towards aspects of reality linked to more ethereal, spiritual, emotional or passion elements (such as the elements of air, water, fire).

Dreaming of the brown color Symbolism

The symbolism of brown color is linked to nature and spontaneity of situations, to evolution and transformation.

The archetype of the brown constellates all the elements of receptivity of the mother earth in its facets of fertility, growth, maturation, consolation.

“The brown color has lost the active and expansive impulse, the shock force of the red. What still remains in it are the vital state “(Lucher M.”

And the vital state is reflected in the brown of the humus, the woody fruits of hazelnuts, walnuts, chestnuts, in the seeds that germinate between brown furrows in the plowed fields, in the reddish or golden hues of the trunks and timbers, in animal skins and furs, in the amber tones of natural resins, of human epidermis and also in the more turbid and viscous ones of the excrements.

Dreams About Horses (Brown)

When the dreaming saddles a horse, it is a sign of the beginning of a new phase of life, which will give the sleeping person much recognition, happiness and prosperity.

The interpretation of dreams also sees this symbol as a signal of departure, in order to break new ground in life, for example, the successful founding of an own company.

Dream of riding a horse

Those who experience a ride on a horse while sleeping have a strong need for control and their own dominance in life. This is especially emphasized by tightly guided reins. The dreamer’s control wish can relate to the partnership and the sexual realm, but also to other aspects of life, such as the relationship with work colleagues.

If the dreamer is galloping especially fast, he should understand this as a warning to better control and control his desires. A rather slow ride, on the other hand, indicates that the dreaming person can control their instincts well. But slow horse riding can also have a negative connotation and point out bottlenecks in business life.

Riding a horse without a saddle while sleeping

You dream of riding a horse bareback, like the Indians? Then, according to the traditional interpretation of dreams, you are in harmony with nature and with yourself and can develop your own spiritual needs freely.

The dream symbol also indicates that you are emotionally balanced and have no urge to dominate or dominate anyone or anything.

A sublime sight: A horse with a rider in the dream

If a horse appears together with a rider in a dream, this points to a harmonious relationship life of the dreamer. It is a symbol of the contentment and privacy of the sleeper, signaling to him that his spiritual and sexual needs are satisfied.

Help is at hand: dreaming of a nurse on horseback

A nurse in the dream is basically for healing and caring. If this is now riding on a nag, the dreaming can understand this as a sign for the speedy fulfillment of his longing for attention and tenderness. Even a professional success can be imminent. On the other hand, the nurse’s dream image – especially in women’s dreams – can also indicate that one is overprotective and worried too much.

A carriage with a horse in the dream

If the sleeping person dreams of seeing a horse with a carriage, it depends crucially on the interpretation of which design the cab is: A simple car signals that a lot of work and a lot of effort will come to the dreaming.

In contrast, a large, splendid carriage promises professional success and high reputation. However, she also warns against cockiness and arrogance.

On and off: flee in a dream with the horse

If the dreamer escapes with a horse, then in the real life he will rather suppress fears or conflicts than face them self-confidently and look for solutions. Perhaps the sleeping person also dreams of forgetting an unpleasant real situation in the dream world and fleeing from it.

Dreaming of an accident with the Horse

An accident with the horse can indicate in the dream on possibly threatening dangers, which the dreamer in the real world is not aware yet. He should be more attentive to his environment and recognize possible sources of danger at an early stage.

Horse and man – a very special dream relationship

Dream of petting for the horse

A horse being petted is a typical dream symbol of relationship harmony. The dreaming feels a deep need for tenderness and affection, which is fulfilled by a happy partnership. If you feel uncomfortable or sad while sleeping, while caressing the nipples, this may indicate that your own longings are not fulfilled in reality.

Friends for life: hugging a horse in a dream

If you embrace a horse in your dream, you will feel a great need for love and affection. If you feel well during this dream experience, you are probably in a happy relationship where your desires and longings are fulfilled. But if you are rather sad while hugging the horse, your wishes will not be fulfilled.

Dream horse does not look in the mouth!

Who gets a horse in the dream, can adjust to the fact that soon begins a new phase of life, which will give the dreamer fresh momentum and new powers.