Brown Dog – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

The dog is a symbol of loyalty, devotion, dedication and nobility. That’s why this intelligent animal has always been considered to be the best friend of man – he is here to listen, understand, and help his owner in the hardest moments. This certainly does not only apply to modern times.

The unbreakable bond between man and dog dates back to the period of the ancient Egyptian culture where the dog was the object of the cult, and in particular the place was taken by the god of death Anubis, presented in the form of a grave.

In Greek mythology we meet with dog Kerberos, the guardian of the underground world, while ancient Rome also has its own holy dogs, the so-called guardians of the Vulcan cave. So, historically, the dog is all around us – in many songs, works of art, frescoes, and sculptures.

The dog is often said to be an animal that we can at any time rely on. He is a reliable partner, not only in hunting, but also in everyday life. It is precisely these qualities that are attributed to him by Celtic mythology, where he is designated as a true companion of gods and heroes. He is dressed for the fight, he can be very aggressive, but he attributes the Celts to his healing power, and brings him into the relationship with the foreigners. When we talk about Christianity, a dog (along with a cat) is considered an impure animal, but it is nevertheless granted the status of an animal that symbolizes faith and the future.

Chinese dogs are traditionally taken as a symbol of joy and happiness. The most famous in Chinese culture is the so-called Fu-dog, which not only protects the home from bad people, but at the same time offers protection from negative energy.

Also, one should not forget the Chinese zodiac, where the dog is marked as the eleventh sign to which kindness, loyalty; generosity, honesty and sincerity are attributed. When it occurs in dreams, a dog is often associated with friendships that, depending on the details of the dream itself, can be placed on some type of exam. It also signifies our animal nature.

Speaking of the zodiac, we also mean that in modern astrology, the dog connects with the Mars and Jupiter planets, as well as the Device sign. Significant place is also occupied in Tarot, where in psychological terms it represents our need for trust, and it is also connected with all those people who can help the pit on the way. You can find it on the following maps: Crazy, Moon, and Ten Pentagram.

Color Brown Symbolism

The brown recalls the fertile land, the plowed fields and ready for the new sowing, in ancient times plowing the fields, turning the clods and preparing them for a new sowing was considered a sacred action since it preceded a new cycle of harvest, besides being very in fact, this symbol still lasts in the experience of farmers who see in the plowed land one of the most important moments of the year.

Also we must not forget that the earth has its own life and its temperature, if we take the plowed earth in our hands we realize that it is lukewarm unlike the stone, and this heat, a gift of sowing, protects the seed and fosters germination, even under the blanket of snow exactly like the mother’s womb with the child in the placenta.

The brown therefore contains in itself also the esoteric symbolism of the life that sprouts in its warm uterus, similar to that of the black color, but with a more serene and reassuring connotation and the wait for a new season of crops.

Feces are also brown, despite the negative connotations that can be recalled at first, it is useful to remember that the feces are a waste product of the body, but also an indicator of its state of health, mothers know it well that from the type and color of children’s stool they get information about their well-being and that they worry if the potty remains empty.

The animal feces is also one of the richest fertilizers and generates intense heat while the bird droppings which are in turn an excellent fertilizer, serve in nature to spread the seeds of plants and farmers and breeders are able to distinguish the type of wild animal, fox weasel, etc., from the type of excrement they leave. Brown is also the color of the bark of the trees, which, like the earth, has its own temperature.

Dreaming About Dogs

The dog is one of the most popular pets in the human world. He is often regarded as a faithful companion, best friend of man or even member of the family. The animal is even considered the best friend of man. Many value the reliability and unrestricted affection of a dog; others, however, refer to a dog pejoratively as a barker or annoyance and have nothing less to say for these animals.

Also, the animal, originally descended from the wolf, causes some people to panic: they are afraid of the unpredictable force, the threatening growl, barking and the sharp teeth and claws of the animals.

Especially dogs, which are used as watchdogs, can be scary. But even a very large dog, such as a Great Dane, a Doberman, a Husky or a German shepherd, makes some people feel queasy.

They then automatically take distance from the animal, though this is often peaceful.

As dogs play a major role in our everyday lives, they are emerging in the dreams of many people. Whether a hound like the dachshund or the rescue dog Bernhardine used in alpine areas: Dogs can play both a positive and a negative role in the dream, that is, the dreaming can know and like the animal, but also be afraid of it.

Added to this is the dog’s behavior in the dream: Is he gritting his teeth and growling, ready to attack? Or is he harmless and excited?

But regardless of whether poodle or shepherd dog – dreams in which one or more dogs appear, can have different meanings – depending on the attitude of the dreaming to the animals and the concrete behavior of the dog.

Also, the term “dog” may mean something quite different than the cute bark. When we are dealing with an unpleasant sort of human, we sometimes talk about a son of a bitch or a pig.

Help, a dog chases me in a dream!

Anyone who dreams of being hunted by a dog may have to contend with fears or mental problems that the he does not admit to or represses in the wake world. All the more does he pursue these bad feelings in the dream in the form of a dog, which may also invite the sleeping person to admit his emotions honestly?

Dream of hunting dogs

Dogs that hunt someone or something, according to the traditional dream interpretation are searching for the instinct and sense of a man. The dreaming desperately wants to reach a specific goal in his professional or private life, guided by his feelings, but also by his strong energies, which will show him the right way.

A dog runs after the dream

If the dreaming experiences, that the dog is behind him in the dream, this can be a sign for missed chances. However, the sleeping person may still have a good opportunity to make his life positive.

This is especially likely when the dog in the dream experience still catching up with his “pursuit object”.

Where does he want to go? The runaway dream dog

If the dog runs away in the dream, this dream symbol indicates that you are fleeing even from certain persons, situations or feelings because they are unpleasant to you, you do not want to admit them or because you are afraid of dealing with them, You should listen to your inner self and become aware of your suppressed feelings in order to overcome them. Beware of snappy dream dogs!

Dream of the dog bite

A biting dog in the dream points to jealousy and negative feelings, which spread in the environment of the dreaming. There may be a major dispute or a relationship conflict. The dreamer also has to deal with financial difficulties. Biting the oils in the face of the sleeping, his public reputation is endangered.

The dog in the dream tries to bite

If the bite of the dog has not yet been completed, but the dog tries to bite, the dreamer should be prepared for the fact that there are envious people in his environment who do not allow him his professional or private success. They are just waiting for an opportunity to harm the sleeping one.

The dog bites a child in the dream

If a child is bitten by the dog during the dream, this is a sign that the dreamer is beginning a new phase of life.

However, this person is not greeted by all the people around him, some of them may well be happy with him.

Therefore, this dream symbol stands for the fact that the just found happiness of the dreaming is in danger.