Brown Butterfly – Meaning and Symbolism

Butterflies are the largest insect family after the beetles. There are 160,000 species worldwide on all continents except the Antarctic – and still every year up to 700 new butterfly species are discovered.

The colorful butterflies seem to float weightlessly from flower to flower. But behind it lies a long, elaborate and extremely complicated development process – the miracle of metamorphosis. Learn all about the fascination of this special power animal!

The transformation of the butterfly from the seemingly lifeless cocoon into an enchanting butterfly has already inspired people in antiquity: In the butterfly they saw the symbol of rebirth. In ancient Greece, the word ‘psyche’ referred to the butterfly because it was thought to be the souls of the dead. In Greek and Roman mythology, therefore, the soul often appears with butterfly wings. Even elves are often depicted with butterfly wings, as is the god of sleep.

Old Latin saying „Through the dust to the stars“ can be found as a saying on many tombs of the romantic period: the butterfly symbolizes the liberated soul of matter – is therefore often on graves and it is usually found as the representation of a butterfly surrounded by stars.

Each power animal has its own qualities that help and give us strength. These are nature spirits that show us the way in certain life situations. They accompany and protect us in certain stages of life or even our lives.

When the butterfly comes to us as a spirit, we can learn these precious and spiritual discoveries from Him:

A blossoming summer meadow with softly floating butterflies in the evening light is a pure expression of genuine joie de vivre: The Power animal butterfly inspires us to think about what really gives us real pleasure and also to pay more attention to apparent little things.

Light-heartedness, freedom and lightness – all this embodies the almost weightless flight of the butterfly. The power animal butterfly invites us, in the figurative sense, to give ourselves those weightless wings, because with newly won ease alleged obstacles suddenly become small and our consciousness for the infinity of happiness strengthened.

The butterfly goes through several transformations: From the egg he becomes a caterpillar, only after about four months is the last caterpillar stage reached. Subsequently, the caterpillar transforms into a doll – as long as the doll’s skin is still soft, the animals are particularly sensitive. After about fourteen days, the butterfly finally hatches. The Power Animal Butterfly shows us that we are experiencing a process of change – in this phase, our sudden personal views change; we abandon old habits or encounter new people who can lead our lives in an unexpected direction.

Meaning and Symbolism

Brown – brown color is found in all hues between red and black, and its transitions go from ocher to brown soil – field, clay and whole land. It takes such a color and introduces the leaves from autumn, even to the fall, which brings melancholy and thoughts about transience. In Roman and in the Catholic Church, brown color was a symbol of humility and poverty, and this prompted some seniors to wear stiff in color. On the other hand, in Ireland this color replaces black and therefore has all underground and military symbolism.

In color psychology, the brown is sincere and honest. It is sensual, sensitive and warm, a sense of calmness and comfort. It is a practical and reasonable color that implies common sense. It connects with healthy, natural and organic products, agriculture and breeding. Although it is materialistic, it appreciates quality above everything. Some shades of brown color can show the degree of sophistication or elegance, depending on other colors associated with brown.

Brown is a symbol of strength and maturity. She is not carefree and spontaneous, she does not like surprises. It can be considered boring and unimaginable. In fact, it is one of the least desirable colors in the Western world, along with orange and yellow. Brown is the dominant color on the planet, along with the green.

The brown is soothing and stable, and the green is balanced and rejuvenates, precisely what we all need to know to deal with the stresses of modern life. You have had a lot of difficult experiences in life that turned you into a different person, a person who is generous and easy to love. You’re actually like people who love red, with the difference that you can discipline and have good brakes.

This color is given to open people, who have a lot of understanding for others and with whom it is easy to communicate. They are not prone to extremes; they are stable and attach much attention to moral values. It can be obstructed by excessive conservatism.

Brown color is chosen by passive persons, whose partner will really get caught up in real tenderness. They are not interested in the needs of their own body, they often suppress the love side, it is difficult to surrender to their partner, and even touch his body. Lovers of brown color are durable and patient, conscientious, reliable, stable and conservative. They are not impulsive, but they can be non-tactical, but they love responsibility, are reliable and kind. If you choose a brown color, you can be stubborn and unyielding.

Lovers of this color like physical comfort, simplicity and quality. They have a deep need for a safe and simple life with the support of family and friends. They are sensual, warm, and reliable and have a strong need for security and sense of belonging. They are equally sensitive to the needs of others and their criticism. They have a fine sense of duty and responsibility. The obligations are taken very seriously.

They have a warm and encouraging way that gives security to others. They are fair, with both legs firm on the ground, but they are prone to be stubborn and unyielding. They can suppress their emotions from time to time retreating from the outside world. They are working, diligent and reliable, and can be quite persistent in finding a solution.

Brown refers to the quality in everything: a comfortable home, the best food and drinks, loyal socializing. It is a color of physical comfort, simplicity and quality. Negative associations can give the impression of cheapness and skepticism in certain circumstances.

Brown clothing color – This color sends a message of responsibility and warmth. Most fashion accessories in this color look very hilarious, but in order to keep that look, you have to take care of keeping and keeping clothes. Brown pants, just like black, fit well with a wide range of colors, from beige to red.

Dreaming of Butterfly (Brown)

The butterfly in the dream is considered a metaphor of restoration and spirituality. This insect is appreciated in many traditions and is attributed to the quality of the transformation. When we see a butterfly in our dreams, it indicates that we are in the period when we can expect a change.

The symbolism of the butterfly in the dream essentially connects with the angel of the protector and messages from the spiritual sphere. Very often in the interpretation of the butterfly is connected with the soul of the retired person. Butterfly denotes the element of the Air, rapid change and grace.

In the dreams of the butterfly tells us that each change represents spiritual growth and new phases in life. Although these changes can be painful, the circumstances will lead us towards a new direction and recognition of the true values ​​of other people we are surrounded with.

In butterfly dreams is also a symbol of vulnerability and sensitivity. The butterfly wings in the dream reveal that we do not have confidence in our own strength and development.

The appearance of butterflies out of the shell in the dreams is a hint that we must abandon the present comfort and start without fear in the new stages of life.

A butterfly in a dream can be a hint of a growth from a close person by acquiring certain circumstances. In a dream, the loss of a butterfly means the sacrifice and the ending of a love affair. A butterfly that does not have a wing or cannot fly is related to the state of our vital energy.

Hunting the butterflies in the dream is a hint of deception and betrayal. Killing a butterfly in a dream is considered a bad and evil sign for a person and his loved ones. The dream of a butterfly on a pillow announcement is a short love adventure.

The butterfly, depending on color, carries different messages.

  • The colorful butterfly points to a successful life and abundance.
  • A butterfly red indicates the beginning of a romantic partnership.
  • Brown butterfly colors are identified with a period of severe karmic influences and great fears.
  • A butterfly white hint is possible illness and bad health.
  • An orange-colored butterfly announcement is socializing and having fun.
  • A butterfly blue represents a journey.
  • The butterfly green color is a hint of a peaceful and harmonious life.
  • The purple color butterfly predicts a great success in business.