Blue Butterfly – Meaning and Symbolism

Butterfly – it’s a female symbol that reflects fragility, tenderness, beauty. There are a large number of all kinds of butterflies in the world, so there is a possibility to realize every fantasy related to drawing. The value of the tattoo with the image of the butterfly is a lot, which allows you to choose exactly what is right for you, your character. The butterfly on the girl’s body looks nice, attractive, feminine.

The beauty, the symmetry of the form, the grace of these delicate creatures from ancient times attracted people of different nationalities. Given the developmental stages that the butterfly passes from the ugly fungus to the gentle beauty, the butterfly has become a symbol of re-birth, transformation, resurrection.

In Ancient Greece, this gentle creature symbolized the immortal soul. But in Ancient Rome, any butterfly was considered a war messenger. In Japan butterfly Tattoo Whether a woman, grace, a white butterfly symbolizes the spirit of the man who died, and two butterflies that shake around the other – family happiness, well-being.

In Chinese culture, a butterfly means joy, immortality, abundance, longevity, beauty. In the Slavs, this light creature symbolized the human soul, but sometimes it is called the sign of death. In Christianity, the Butterfly is a symbol of the rebirth, the resurrection of the soul. But for some reason in our time there is a new value of the butterfly tattoo, as a symbol of a girl of light virtue.

Butterfly Tattoo Symbolism

Symbol of femininity, beauty. After making such a tattoo, you will try to look brighter as a butterfly on your body. A butterfly flirting wherever she loves is a symbol of freedom. Those girls who want to show that they are free and independent, make such a tattoo.

For all girls, a tattoo of butterflies is appropriate, which symbolizes happiness and happiness. Since Japanese butterflies are associated with family happiness, women who want to protect their families from trouble can make such a tattoo. Tattoos with a butterfly image will also suit girls who want to change their lives, want to forget the past. In this case, the butterfly acts as a symbol of rebirth, transformation, change.

A tattoo with a butterfly can have the meaning you put into it, bearing in mind your feelings, desires, aspirations. It can also be applied at critical moments in the life of a girl (marriage, childbirth, new activity, graduation, etc.). A butterfly tattoo can be displayed in any color or in different light colors, depending on the value it puts.

Also, the size of the tattoo is selected. The butterfly is most often shown, but in the composition of a composition (for example, a butterfly on the flower) there is a flock of butterflies or butterflies. Also, the tattoo of a butterfly can simply be a body decoration, without any meaning.

Symbolism of the Color Blue

Blue is the most fleeting of all colors, it visually differs from the viewer and looks as cool as it is bottomless. Blue is associated with the sky and the sea – although air and water are transparent in themselves. This turns blue into the color of the unreal, the invisible and the intangible.

This is also illustrated by the development of languages: the ancient Romans, for example, knew no word for blue, the Icelanders all colors between black and blue with the same word and both the ancient Egyptians and some indigenous peoples do not distinguish linguistically between blue and green. Blue stands for distance, because it flees visually in all directions – Pale blue loses itself in the height, mid blue moves to the horizon and dark blue sinks into the depths.

In Christianity, blue as the color of heaven has always been associated with the divine, the supernatural. Once the color was considered female and was attributed to the Virgin Mary. In contrast to the earthly, present red, blue symbolizes the fleeting and the immaterial. It stands for the dream of freedom, infinite expanses but also for introversion and self-retreat. Blue symbolizes calm – but in contrast to the present, serene green, blue is calm by distance.

At the same time, blue also represents a clear modesty, objectivity, neutrality and clarity – this instills confidence and conveys a sense of security. For this reason, banks and insurance companies like to use the color blue for their company logos. Bright, icy blues are cool and airy – they symbolize a “clear mind” and a liberated mind.

Bright blues seem to be lost in lofty heights. They free the mind and give a feeling of cool freshness. Like all shades of blue, an airy sky blue seems fleeting. It represents lightness, weightlessness and a spirit that comes up with ever new, fresh ideas.

Dark shades of blue draw in an infinite depth and width. The introversion of mid-blue is enhanced in the deep nuances into a melancholy, intuitive thoughtfulness. Dark blue therefore stands for self-knowledge, for answering philosophical questions of being and for profundity. Dark blue is not traditionalist or rigid like a dark fir green, but stands for the ever new confrontation with the truth – which just like the color is never completely tangible. It is the color of the philosophers and thinkers, it stands for the comprehension of complex connections by the necessary vision. But color also embodies sovereignty, loyalty, discipline, responsibility and inner strength.

It is relaxing and soothing, stands for peace, harmony, contentment – and is the absolute favorite color of most people: the color blue. Blue tones are counted among the cold colors that generally have a cool effect, create distance and convey objectivity. Speaking of language, we can get away with a black eye or experience our blue wonder, if we are blue, too blue-eyed or talk down the blue from the sky.

What is the meaning of blue in nature?

With the color blue we immediately associate the radiant sky and the wide sea. Often you read or hear that this color does not occur in nature (which is why blue plates reduce appetite and help you lose weight).

But at the latest since Heino’s hit song we know: blue flowers of the gentian. And not only that: bluebells also bloom, Eisenhut and forget-me-not. Kingfisher and blue tit have blue feathers. And last but not least, there are not a few blue gemstones in the rock layers.

Blue color in art, culture and religion

In literature, the Blue Flower was the central motif of Romanticism. In this epoch, in which emotion, longing and passion stood in the foreground, it symbolizes the connection between man and nature as well as the human yearning for the unattainable.

The color blue also plays an important role in art. The expressionist artists who worked in the environment of the Blue Rider at the beginning of the 20th century paved the way for modern art. Pablo Picasso worked in the Blue Period melancholy feelings, Yves Klein used for his works often only the color blue.

In religion, blue is the color of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is usually depicted in blue robes. However, it is important not only for Catholicism, but also for the Jewish community: for example, the blue Star of David symbolizes the people of Israel and Judaism.

The effect of blue on body and mind

With the color blue we combine peace, silence, relaxation and serenity. Furthermore, it is a symbol of longing, freedom, distance and eternity.

On the one hand, it should have a calming effect, dampen excitement and nervousness, thus helping to fall asleep, and on the other hand promoting concentration, communication and objectivity.

In color therapy, where the effect of colors on humans is used, blue is used for example in cases of fever, inflammation, heart problems, sunburn, atopic dermatitis and stress – because the color is attributed to an analgesic, cooling, antiseptic and antihypertensive effect.

The effect of blue on Feng Shui

In feng shui, colors are very important: Used properly, they promote well-being – but otherwise they cause discomfort. Because individual colors or color combinations guide the life energy so that we can make the best possible use of it. Blue calms, relaxes and creates a harmonious atmosphere. In the bedroom, a warm blue can help to switch off and fall asleep.

Blue also symbolizes caring, faithfulness and care. A bright blue is good for the kitchen – the space where the whole family often stays, eats and talks. Blue also promotes objectivity, communication and thinking. A strong blue in combination with black, which stands for career and profession, makes it easier in the study to concentrate.

The blue color relieves the symptoms of middle ear and has a beneficial effect on purulent wounds or insect bites.The aquamarine gives self-confidence, brightens the mind and can relieve neck and limb pain.

Also the chalcedony affects the throat, neck and larynx area favorably. It also dispels melancholy and dissatisfaction.The lapis lazuli has an anticonvulsant effect and relieves headaches. It also strengthens creativity and makes you think fast.

The blue chakra

Chakras are the most important energy centers in our body. There are seven different main chakras to which different meanings and qualities are attributed. If a chakra is blocked, its qualities are impaired.

The vibration of each chakra, of each energy center, corresponds to a certain wavelength of visible light, that is, to one color – the throat chakra to blue. This chakra is located on the larynx and stands for communication, self-expression, language and understanding – in a blockade it is harder for us to express ourselves, to talk about our feelings.

However, we can open chakras consciously: the throat chakra for example through singing lessons, intensive discussions or the learning of a foreign language.

The astrological sign and the color blue

From the astrological point of view, dark blue tones match solid and profound Capricorn. Showmanship with bright colors does not suit him. He relies on classic, timeless outfits in muted shades such as dark blue – because he wants to score with an elegant appearance. The freedom-loving shooter, however, loves intense hues. A rich royal blue he likes to combine with turquoise or petrol.

The different blue variations remind him of the wide sky and the deep sea – in short: to the distance, in which he loves to roam. Bright blues please the carefree twin. He does not take small annoyances too seriously and likes to express this lightness through sky-blue clothes or accessories. But this weakness can also be explained by his communicative nature and his quick mind. Blue tones should also have a positive effect on the nature-bound bull and the two air signs Libra and Aquarius.