Black Cat in Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

In ancient Egypt, cats were considered sacred animals and were brought into contact with the Egyptian goddess Bastet, who was the protector of the household, the goddess of consolation and healing. In her honor, cats were often mummified, along with mice, in order to have something to feed on. In ancient Rome, the cat was dedicated to the goddess Diana, the goddess of the month and hunting. They were also considered as guardians of households.

Nordic legends tell the cat how to pull the chariots of their fertility goddess, Feja. It was therefore considered that the cats brought the blessing of the newborn and that they were indicating a prince in the family. In Celtic legends, the cat is the guards of the underground world. Stoic, quiet and mysterious, perfectly fits into this idea. However, black cats were considered evil and were sacrificed.

Western tradition connects black cats with witchcraft. This is because the black color is associated with the potential dangers of the night, and the cat is associated with transformations, just as night changes our perception of reality. It was also thought that a black cat would bring an accident to the one who had crossed the road. However, if the black cat was the first thing anyone saw in the morning or the New Year, it was considered a good sign. In the night, he was not allowed to beat the black cat with his right hand, for the hand could remain confiscated.

The following characteristics are generally attributed to cats: craftiness, wisdom, mystery, cautiousness, independence. If any of us were asked what are the most common domestic animals, we would undoubtedly answer that the dog and the cat. About the dog is evident the reasons that have approached him to the life of the man: he is guardian of the flocks, he protects the home, he helps in the hunting, he is absolutely faithful … and thus there would be no paper in the world to write the immense benefits that the dogs have given to men.

How is it that he has become such a regular companion animal? We could think that the reason lies in its ability to hunt mice, but good if we look at it from a statistical point of view the gene, the mouse eagle, the owl and many other animals could compete with our familiar cat when it comes to capture mice and however, it has never been seen that these animals are in the houses next to man.

So we must discard the idea that the position as a pet of the cat is due to a practical issue, or rather, to the practical issue of hunting for reasons, because everything that exists in the universe has a practical reason (also if not the name of this website would make sense). We are going to look for the usefulness of an animal whose mission next to man seems to be that of being loved and cared for by its owner.

We must go and look for the origin of the friendship between man and cat in those lands, cradle of all magic and spirituality that constitute ancient Egypt. There the cat was deified in the figure of the goddess Bastet, protector of the home. Because that is precisely what cats do: they protect.

But while dogs protect us on a physical, earthly, concrete level we might say, cats do it on a more subtle level, more etheric, more internal if you prefer to see it that way. In other words, cats are capable of defending us against the non-physical influences that could hurt us around us; they defend us from negativity.

The reason why cats are associated with magic, witchcraft and similar knowledge is because the magician manages subtle energies that if not properly protected could harm him, that’s why he needs a cat to “recycle” the bad energies with which the magician works (all magic is black because it pretends to alter the course of things, but talking about that is not the issue now). It is not that the animal absorbs them as scientifically could be thought, but that the presence of the feline prevents that negativity from doing harm, it is as if it diluted it.

The erroneous popular belief that considers black cats to be bad luck bearers has ancient origins. But it is not so, if not for some residue of superstition, and above all it has never been like this in various parts of the world and in the span of our history.

There are at least 22 breeds of cats with a totally black mantle, in addition to all crossbreeds. Cats with a dominant black gene are often, but not always, absolutely black in appearance. That is, a puppy with two parents holding a dominant black gene will, in most cases, be totally black. However, if one of the parents carries a red recessive gene, then even the baby could inherit it: hence the rusty nuances of some black cats.

Because of its peculiar beauty, the ability to disappear in the night, the enigmatic black color, the dark-colored cats have always struck more the collective imagination, the artists, the writers and the directors from Edouard Manet to Fernand Leger, from Thèophile-Alexandre Steinlen to Edgar Allan Poe, from Dario Argento to Pat Sullivan and Otto Messmer, creators in 1919 of the first cartoon cat star, Felix.

In the Anglo-Saxon countries the black cat is usually considered a true talisman. The Scots believe that the arrival of a black cat at home means prosperity. In Celtic mythology, a fairy known as Yesth takes the form of a black cat. Furthermore, it is believed that a girl who owns a black cat will have many suitors. The supernatural powers attributed to black cats have often been seen positively, for example by sailors who “wanted a” black “ship’s cat because it would bring good luck”, as Jonathan Eyers writes in ‘Do not shoot the Albatross!

But, in the millenarian history of closeness, friendship, mutual benefit or complicity between men and small cats, the periods of distrust and cruelty were much less long and frequent than one might think.

Dreams about Black Cats

Despite the small size of a black cat it is certainly not a pleasant feeling in the dream to make the following statement: a cat attacks me or haunts me! Such a dream can be interpreted to mean that the pursuit by the cat symbolizes escape from certain emotions or situations. Imagine this in the watch world and you will gain the wisdom and strength of the cat. The cat attack of a person stands for the fear of a new beginning, which is embodied in the velvet paw.

Dream of a peeing cat

To see a peeing cat in a dream does not mean that one has to reckon with such a situation even in the watch world. Rather, this dream image announces of early happiness and learning new skills.

Dreaming to be bitten by a cat

An animal bite, especially a cat bite, is usually neither a nice nor a harmless affair. If you were bitten by a cat in the dream and noticed “a cat bites me”, behind it hides a female person in your life who wants to harm you. Consider the exact circumstances of the bite in the interpretation of the dream: Which part of the body was affected? Did you feel pain?

Dreaming about a cat vomiting

A cat vomits just like a human, for example, when it has eaten something wrong or too much. If a cat pukes in the dream, this means that the dreaming can free himself from falsehood and deceit. He manages both to banish these qualities and to avoid such actions of others.

A cat jumps or falls out the window within a dream

The fall of a velvet paw from a window in the dream causes at first a shock.

However, we have known since childhood that these animals have the ability to almost always land on their paws. When the dream symbol “Cat jumps or falls out of the window” appears asleep, this is seen as an encouragement to leave the past behind and to start a new beginning on different levels.

A cat falls from the roof in a dream or jumps from the balcony

Our small and shy-looking kitties often turn out to be true climbing artists, who are also prone to overconfidence. It quickly happened and a lewd tiger falls from the roof. If this happens in the dream, this uncontrolled fall of the cat means that the loss of protection and luck is imminent. A cat jumps down from the balcony in the dream, when the dreaming can finally defeat his fears and insecurities.

In the dream, a cat comes running up or back

If a cat runs into the sleeping world in the dream world, this velvet paw in the watch world will bring him positive events. If there is a reunion and a cat comes back, the encounter with a former girlfriend is imminent.

Spiritual Meaning of the Dream

It’s a dream that can come true under the right conditions: buy a cat. Whether in the pet shop, in the shelter or a breeder – the possibilities to get a small fur nose are varied. However, having a cat is also associated with a lot of responsibility. If you have dreamed of buying a kitty, it may reflect the real desire for a cat.

On the other hand, this dream symbol is also an indication that you currently have a good hand for financial matters.

Anyone who has ever stroked a small tummy tiger, knows the feeling: warm, soft and cuddly the cat cuddles very close to the legs of the caressing person. If the dreaming also feels this feeling in the dream world, this symbolizes the need for female affection and closeness.

Especially with this dream symbol, pay attention to the color of the animal: caressing a white cat bears witness to innocence and the desire for tenderness.