Black Bear – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Bear, one of the most interesting but also the most dangerous animals in the world, has always been regarded as a symbol of uncontrolled strength and high endurance. And the view of a bear’s robust and large body covered with thick fur is enough to cause both admiration and fear in us at the same time.

It is therefore not surprising that this wild beast occupies a slow place in many myths and legends around the world.

Let’s also mention that the bear, for many shamans in Europe and America, is a symbol of awakening the power of the unconscious. Thus, in the Indian tradition, bear relates to supernormal powers, transformation, change, wisdom, loneliness, and isolation, while the Japanese add to it the epithet of a generous animal.

In Slovenian mythology, the bear was brought into conjunction with Veles, the land of pastures, fields and forests, so it is easy to conclude that the bear enjoyed the role of a forest king who was caring for animals, forest fruits, and the forest itself.

Bear – a symbol of protection, wisdom, awakening from sleep; or a symbol of greed and greediness – the question is now! It seems that this animal is indeed a beast and a victim at the same time. On the one hand, we have a picture of a bloodthirsty beast struggling in the forest in search of a prey, and on the other hand – it is neither the side nor the picture of the poor animal that was maltreated by man. Either way, it’s good to have his claws or teeth that are often used as amulets and talismans.

Psychologically, the bear teaches us how to choose the right moment for action – he instinctively knows when it’s time to retreat into his cave, and also when is the right moment to get right into hunting.

Also, this animal is a true master in the care and nurturing of its young, so in that sense it can also be learned how important it is to cultivate good relations not only within the family, but also with the environment.

All this especially applies if the bear often appears in your dreams – this is a clear signal that you have to stop, retract yourself and think carefully about what is the most burdensome you are and is in direct contact with your family members? Hands on the heart, sometimes it’s enough to have a little teddy bear next to you, who will warn us to be more caring and gentle towards your loved ones.

Symbolism of the Color black

Obsidian reveals the profound truth of black color, which Western culture does not understand at all. Deep color, waterproof, protective, insulating … what do you hide in your compact folds?

In the West, black is often considered negative, distressing, heavy, like the color of mourning and harmful magic, of nihilists, of anarchists (without Arché, therefore without hope because they have lost their knowledge, the memory of the basis of their existence). Dressing in total black, so fashionable today, often hides feelings of rejection, fraught with frailty or aggression, but also unconscious emotional imbalances, the need for flight, for withdrawal, for protection.

The black color absorbs all the other colors, therefore it constitutes a barrier against any type of vibration; in this sense it can offer protection against negative energies (black stones such as obsidian, onyx, kunzite, coal generally neutralize electromagnetic waves), but it also prevents positive energies from counting.

However, black is profoundly positive. In the East, for example, it is the color of control by the spirit (we think of the black belt of martial arts), of true birth (“virginal birth” at the level of total consciousness), of the highest degree of consciousness.

Let’s go back to Egypt to look for some answers:

For the ancient Egyptians, the use of colors always expresses a link between theological thought, the sense of the materials and the physical or metaphysical qualities of what is represented (for example the black basalt on the ground of the temples). Colors open to sensitive and vibratory perception.

When the Egyptians use colors it is always to match, in resonance with something else; even the hieroglyphs were painted and according to the color used, they did not have the same meaning … the colors vanished, 80% of the meaning of the sign was lost. I am always a referent system that serves to individualize a thing, a being, and a god.

What is immortality for an Egyptian?

In the texts of the pyramids: “An immortal is a being in a state of permanent metamorphosis” Another text says: “black is a conservatory of metamorphosis” While in our Western thought, we think that being no longer changes.

Black is above all a beneficial color that protects and stimulates metamorphosis. The Khépri scarab is the most beautiful black, as well as the wolves psychopompes such as Inpu, Upuau.

Black is always associated with the idea of ​​fertility: the silt, Usir, Min … is the color of the world of depths, of the primordial soil from where everything comes from and everything will return. The waters of the Nun are black.

It is also the color of Nut that regenerates in the darkness before dawn and of Isis from the triple black veil, (The initiations of Isis and Osiris was just the passage beyond this triple veil) That’s why in the great pyramid of Keeper before access the king’s chamber of the Royal Art, there is a triple black veil of granite, which the Egyptians call “the triple black veil of the goddess” suggesting that black is not in the earth but in the highest chamber.

Bear Dream Meaning

Contact with a bear is hardly possible in the wild. You can only see them at the zoo. There is often a brown bear or a grizzly bear, a collar bear, a koala, a small raccoon or even a rare panda. In general, the bears look more comfortable and cuddly by their fur, but they are predators, which many easily forget.

Very popular and known to every child is the teddy bear. This classic stuffed animal has been around for a long time and in all variations and sizes.

If a bear appears in a dream, its behavior is an important clue for the correct interpretation of the dream. Also, try to remember as many of the dream related aspects as possible with the bear.

Dream symbol “Bear” – The general interpretation

Bears as a dream symbol can be interpreted very differently. If the dreaming sees a bear asleep, this can be a sign of a win in the game, but also for competition, insecurities in interpersonal relationships and also for talking.

If several bears appear in a dream, exhausting events will come to the dreaming. If the dreaming sees a dancing bear, it is interpreted as an indication that the dreaming can pay his debts, but also gossip and grief will come.

If the dreaming is on a bear hunt or is attacked by a bear, this dream image is a warning of great danger. If a young woman dreams of a bear, this can be an indication of a rival or a warning of a misfortune. The dreaming will succeed in waking life if he can kill or drive away a bear.

A positive turn for problems also appears when the dreaming sees a dead bear or a bearskin. If bear meat is eaten in the dream world, this symbol announces a wedding in the family.

Dream symbol “Bear” – The psychological interpretation

The psychological dream interpretation depends on the behavior of the bear in the dream. If the bear is good-natured and peaceful, then it stands for maternal safety and security. He can also express the desire of the dreaming afterwards. If the bear is threatening, it symbolizes a crushing, female, mostly maternal seizure of property. The dreaming does not have to be somebody in childhood, because the seizure of property can also take place in adulthood.

A dead bear symbolizes the relationship of the dreaming to his deeper and negative instincts. If a teddy bear appears in a dream, he shows the childish need of the dreaming for security.

The psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung saw in the dream symbol “bear” also the negative aspect of the superordinate personality of the dreaming. As in many fairy tales, the dream bear has dangerous traits that stand for the feminine as well as the dark side of sexuality

. Only when the dreaming accepts this side, he will have a satisfying sex life in the watch world. For this reason, bear dreams according to modern dream research are of great importance, especially for men, whereas in women they are understood as an invitation to make their sexuality more active themselves.

In addition, the bear dream can also be a sign to live out your own creativity and its power more. The bear’s forces should be dosed and used in the right places. Then you can master even difficult situations.

Dream symbol “Bear” – The spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation, the bear stands for the feminine forces of nature. The coat color emphasizes the close contact with the Earth Mother;

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to whether a black bear, brown bear or even polar bear in the dream has sought contact. Since there are many subspecies of bears, you should pay particular attention to the coat color and pattern of this dream image.